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Got Camera, Got Food

July 6, 2010

Welllllll, here I go. I’ve been inspired by Mary who has been food blogging for six months now (and already seems like a professional to me!) to give this photo-food-blogging a try. Having her visit me has allowed me to see the benefits of this kind of “visual tracking” up close, and I am ready to give it a shot! (ha ha, no pun intended)

So here is my first day. Breakfast was half a bolani. I love their sauces but wasn’t sure what an ounce (one serving) was, so I used my handy Weight Watchers scale to see. It was more than I’d expected. Also had a piece of watermelon and cup of coffee with half & half. All good!

Spinach Bolani + basil pesto, watermelon & coffee

Mary came and met me for lunch and we went to Messob for her first taste of Ethiopian food. Yum! It was huuuuuge. The spongey injera bread is sooo good but so filling, and I also drank about a quart of water because it was so spicy. I think the injera also filled up with water and expanded into something as big as a pillow. I was stuffed for the rest of the day.

Meat + Vegetarian Messob plate

After I eat spicy food, I frequently really craaaaaaaave something sweet and/or cold (ie. ice cream). But I did not have an inch of space in my stomach NOR did I want to take a photo of any ice cream! (see, it’s working already!) I scrabbled around in my purse and found this sugar-free hard candy, which SAVED THE DAY.

sugar free candy!

I was stuffed for a long time after that. I didn’t feel like dinner. Around 7pm I had a little snack.

Granny Smith apple + Laughing Cow light Blue Cheese wedge

I went out to investigate a couple of ellipticals because we are thinking of buying one. When I got back around 8:30 I was hungrier. Had some leftovers from the fridge: grilled vegies from the 4th of July BBQ, topped with some Tikka Masala sauce. It was quite delicious, and just enough.

grilled vegies + tikka masala sauce

Thus ends my first photo food blogging day. I think the process is GREAT. The blogging part (what I am doing now) is pretty time consuming. But it definitely made a big difference in how I thought about my food.

Case in point: Before breakfast, I was talking to Mary about my decision to start a food blog. I was so excited! I got up to start making breakfast. On the way to the counter, I grabbed a handful of walnuts from a bag on the counter and popped them into my mouth. WHOOPS! I immediately realized what I was doing and spit them out into the sink.

Mary says that this process has basically eliminated compulsive eating and mindless eating. Everything is deliberate and thought out, if you take your photos before you eat. If I could decrease these two unhelpful habits from my life, it would be amazing. So I’m in. I’m going to try this for a week and see how it goes. I welcome comments and thoughts!!!

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  1. FIRST!

    Love that you’re doing a food blog, and your photos are awesome!!!

    I hope it helps you do what you want it to do!


  2. I had NO IDEA we (we being Oakland) had an Ethiopian restaurant! In my relative neck of the woods even! I think I know where I’m going soon.

  3. It is a fun process, but majorly time consuming! I feel like it’s helped me a lot, so I’m a fan! I definitely hope you keep blogging so I can see some of the amazing meals you eat. Really, I’ve loved all the meals with you and can’t wait to see more of the things you eat on a daily basis. I’m completely fascinated by your food!

  4. Dale Marie permalink

    Good for you Susan! Maybe I should do the same thing with $ – maybe people would be more mindful with their $ too! πŸ™‚

  5. GREAT first food blog!! I get too impatient to food blog. But I do tend to post on Twitter or FB about what I am having at different times of the day so that works similarly, I think. =) But I seriously LOVE all the pictures!

    Good job!
    gourmetmama (Twitter)

  6. Great idea. I have thought of just the write it down blog, but a photo blog is really interesting.

    The bolani looks like it was grilled to perfection! Yum!

  7. It really does change what you put in your mouth when you take pics BEFORE you eat! Great job! Plus I like seeing pics of food to give me more ideas of yummy stuff to eat! THANKS! πŸ™‚

  8. Oh ive had something like that spinach thing before. Maybe the same thing. Its at wholefoods and yummy. Mmm I love ethiopian. I usually go to axum cafΓ© in lower haight, but last time I went there it wasn’t good anymore and bad service, so from now on ill prob go to the one in mission. I love their bread. Ive never had spicy ethiopian food though..ive only had it at those 2 places ive mentioned and both are not. I read marys food blog because I love food, it might be interesting to read yours since youre closer to where I live (SF) altho I never make it over to oakland. πŸ™‚

    • Wow, I’ve never had NONspicy Ethiopian food!!

      • maybe ill have to make my way to oakland one day then. i love spicy stuff. (well i never make my things very spicy but a lil spice is good!)

  9. Awesome!!! Looks great and can be completely eye opening!

  10. Suz permalink

    Must admit this – Meat + Vegetarian Messob plate – did not look very appetizing. A very very unsavory things came to mind immediately.

  11. I cannot even believe you two now have me thinking about blog #4 seriously! I love the accountability and I can see how it would stop mindless and compulsive eating, exactly what I need!
    I really like these food blogs I had not idea they could be so cool πŸ™‚
    Happy to see you started one!

  12. Sweeter permalink

    oh I’m liking this. I like to see what other people eat. I would like to do this too. But I must find a way to make it less time consuming …. I’ve really got to stop the mindless, compulsive eating!

    I have never heard of bolani until I read your post.

    thanks for once again inspiring me

  13. Adding you to my Google Reader now! πŸ™‚

  14. Keta permalink

    FASCINATING! You’re food is so varied and interesting. (What’s a bolani?)

    If I were to do this I would have to come face-to-face with the utter monotony of my diet.

    Thanks for sharing.

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