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Day 2: Burma Superstar & More!

July 7, 2010

Day Two! I was very excited this morning.  But I was also very eager to drink my coffee. And I didn’t want to wait until my eggs boiled to take my photos. So I got all creative and climbed up on the counter to take a photo of both together. There are four eggs in the pan, but I ate two of them (my mom and Mary ate the other two).

coffee 'n' eggs

Amazingly, these two eggs kept me satisfied until lunch. And what a lunch it was! I met up with Mary at Burma Superstar and we had a feast.

multilayered bread with coconut curry chicken sauce

The starter was an amazingly decadent “multilayered bread” with this crazy curry dipping sauce. It was sooooooo good. Not something you can do every day (or week) but what a treat.

Next up, the famous Tea Leaf Salad. This is what it looked like coming to the table.

burma superstar

Tea Leaf Salad, unassembled

Then it got mixed up. (action shot here!)

Tea Leaf Salad, being mixed


Amazing combo of tastes and textures!

We also ordered an entree of Fiery Chicken with brown rice. It was tasty, but nothing spectacular. I wish now that we’d ordered another curry. Ah well. Live and learn!

Fiery Chicken with brown rice

So I’ll tell you what happened next. We went to find the Cupkates cupcake truck!! I’ve been visiting that old truck a bit as of late. Mary wanted to experience it. And I wanted to bring some to my coworkers. I bought a little box and brought it to work. All afternoon I thought about those cupcakes. I thought, I don’t want to take a photograph of a cupcake. And I don’t want to eat it. It was an amazing moment! And such a deterrant. I don’t know if I would’ve just gone ahead and eaten a cupcake if I wasn’t doing this blog. Anyway, no photo of a cupcake here because I didn’t eat it! (if you want to see a cupcake, go here)

Here was dinner. It’s one of our classic family dinners. I didn’t eat any rice. The last few times I’ve had white rice, my blood sugars have just zoomed through the roof. It felt fine.

Teriyaki/wasabi salmon, steamed broccoli, light Blue Cheese dressing

After dinner, Mary and I took a great hike through the woods. We got all warm. When we got back, I was ready for dessert. I took a lot of deliberation. Froyo with berries? Too much sugar. Lowcarb dark chocolate? No. Cupcakes? (still in box) No. Then: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich! PERFECTT!!!!! It was so good and cold and yummy.

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

And that, friends, was the end of day #2! I’m liking this. But I’m telling you, I think things are going to start looking pretty boring once Mary leaves town (tomorrow morning).

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  1. Bethany permalink

    in case you didn’t know, i heart you susan!!! and that chicken dip/multilayer bread thing from Burma Superstar is A-MAZING. i love that stuff, i could probably eat that, and only that, for forever. love your new blog!!!!

  2. Those are eggs?? They look amaaazing!

  3. That tea leaf salad looks amazing! I closed my eyes when I saw the bread- lol I have bread issues! 🙂

    Love all of the pics!

  4. I want that salad!

    I really love these food blogs…you know who does a good one? Marisa at Loser for Life.

    I get good ideas, plus it reminds how important presentation is…

  5. The Burmese bread & dip look very yum.

    I’m glad that I hate Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches! I feel like the cookie part disintegrates too quickly. Do not try to tell me otherwise, pls. I need to believe I hate them lol.

    I have been photographing my food today so I hope to post by tomorrow. Maybe even tonight. I’ll be posting at

    • You hate Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. They are terrible, disintegrating, horrible things!!! There, how was that? 🙂

      I CAN’T WAIT to see your food photos, Sweeter!!!!!!

  6. Ive been to the place down the street, I think owned by the burma superstar people, once because that place was too crowded and too long of a wait. It was good but nothing special. I remember the dishes being very small. Tea leaf salad sounds interesting. I love tea so id try that. Ive heard those skinny cow ice cream sandwiches are good..i am used to the hood kind which I havent had in yrs. I should. Mm.

  7. Jen permalink

    I enjoy seeing you build your food photo-diary from the ground up. Definitely you’re showing that it is do-able and I’m going to start my own. I suspect maybe you are eating out a bit more with Mary’s visit and it’s helpful to see how you deal with that since I travel a lot and eat out about 1/3 of the month (although not quite the variety of flavors you’ve been having lately, YUM). Photographing food will make me slow down and appreciate with all my senses, including my eyes which usually don’t get enough stimulation since I am the one who woofs their food down standing at the kitchen counter or is done before everyone else. I think photography will spark my artistic side and compel me to create meals with more colors and textures which should = healthier eating all around. Thanks for another layer of inspiration.

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