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Day 3: Rushed

July 8, 2010

Mary left early this morning so the fine dining is out for a while! I started out with a breakfast I’d had before: spinach bolanis. I also had some grapes and eggplant pesto (yum) but my favorite part of the meal was my coffee mug, so that was the focus for me. 🙂

spinach bolani, eggplant pesto, grapes, coffee in Creative Nonfiction mug

Lunch was delicious: leftovers from last night’s dinner. A wonderful salmon salad with avocados and almonds. YUM.

salmon salad, avocado, almonds

Normally I will stop at Starbucks to get an iced coffee (and often a little shortbread cookie) before my WW meeting. But today I thought, do I really WANT to do that? Do I need it?? Do I feel committed enough to that coffee and cookie to take its picture? I decided no then was very happy with myself. I realized that once, months ago, I had been realllly sleepy before my meeting so stopped for coffee. But after that, it wasn’t so much necessity as a habit. Today I broke that habit! Yay! But I didn’t eat anything else either, and in hindsight that was a mistake.

Then wayyyyyyyyy too much time passed. I worked late then had to run necessary errands until 8:45pm. STARVING.

tomato/basil vegi burger with cheese and eggplant pesto; apple

I had a Morningstar Farms vegi burger (tomato/basil flavor) on a Multigrain Sandwich thin, with some havarti dill cheese and half a Granny Smith Apple. It was good but I was so hungry I barely tasted it.

Then I watched Top Chef on TV. Then I had my first “oops!” As I was cleaning up the kitchen,  I swiped  the other piece of cheese from the Havarti Dill package. I did not pass go or take the photo beforehand! MINDLESS EATING! Caught myself red handed!! But I did take a photo of the package as proof. Oops.

Havarti Dill cheese

So, that was my day. Yay re the coffee and cookie, boo re the cheese. Well, it’s all a learning thing! Onward!

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    and adore how you morphed mindless into MIND IMPRINTED with the photo.

  2. You’re doing great with your food blogging!

    I wish I could get my hands on some of those Bolani! Between you and TJ’s Test Kitchen, I’m dying for them!!!

  3. And here I was wondering if you had a recipe for bolanis??

  4. Nice photos!! Your food looks so artistic! By the time I get home from work and the gym its 8 or later and then I have to cook dinner and it’s getting close to 9 and I’m always starving so I understand. One day ill be rich and have a personal chef with the food prepared for me the instant I step through the door..ok prob not but I can imagine that.

    • Merri – thank you. (re the “artistic”) I am lucky to have a really nice camera which helps. Also, I am finding that if I really try to make the food look pretty, I appreciate it more, I slow down, I’m more mindful. It’s all good. This is an amazing process so far!

      Today is also one of those looong days and I have to remember to get a snack between lunch and dinner so I don’t eat my own arm.

  5. im more on the if it it tastes good i dont care how it looks camp. 🙂 yes i know i should prob eat a snack between lunch and dinner but i never feel like it. im not hungry BEFORE the gym just during/after!

  6. Love the new food blog Foodie! 😀 I’ll add this to my blog roll!

    Yes, photographing everying you eat definitely makes you more aware! And you had me at havarti cheese 😀

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