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Day 4: Lotsa Soup

July 9, 2010

Today was a cold day, all day long. So I wanted warm food. I realize now that I tend to go with daily or weekly trends. If I’m eating something that works for me, I keep at it, over and over until I get sick of it. Today it was soup.

But I started out with…

coffee, apple, warm egg salad w/pesto

Breakfast. I really like egg salad but I like it even better when it’s warm. So that’s how I made it this morning: hard boiled eggs mushed up with a bit of mayo, a bit of Dijon mustard and a dollop of lowfat basil pesto. It was yummy with the rest of last night’s apple and my coffee.

I was cold at lunch time. I had originally thought of going to a place near my work with this fabulous giant salad bar, but I was tooooooo cooooollllld for salad. So I went to SF Soup Company and got tomato bisque, half a hummus wrap and some mineral water.

tomato bisque soup, hummus wrap, bubbly water

The soup was delicious. The hummus wrap was a big disappointment, maybe because it was refrigerated and I have a deep loathing of cold (refrigerator-cold) sandwiches. Which is why my panini maker rules. Anyway, I only ate two bites. But I had most of the soup. This was the end of my meal.

What was left at the end.

I have made a solemn vow to myself NOT to eat a bite of anything that I do not totally love. I did not love that sandwich. So.

Remember the coffee and cookie debate I had with myself yesterday? Well, today there was no debate. I wanted the coffee and cookie. I had no ambivalence. So this was my afternoon “snack.” I work in an office at a desk doing a ton of paperwork and I wanted that caffeine very much. Not to mention the cookie(s). I did not regret it.

iced coffee, shortbread cookies

Another long evening at work. Then I had to pick up my computer (which is now working like…. wow…whooooooosh!) so did not get back to my neck of the woods until after 8. I wanted roasted cauliflower but I knew I did not have the patience to go to the grocery store, go home, roast it and wait to eat it so instead I went to Amba. Had a big bowl of lentil soup which was very satisfying. I asked for some feta to go with it. They charged me $2 and gave me like a pound of feta on a plate. Which was ridiculous. Sometimes those people realllllllllllly annoy me, but their food is good, so I keep going back.

Do you notice the soup theme? I was really into soup today. Oh, and I had one of those pieces of pita. Their pita is only so-so. It’s warm and fluffy, which is good, but it’s sort of like the Wonder bread of the pita world. So I didn’t eat both when the 2nd one had gone cold.

lentil soup with feta, pita bread

When I got home I was in a dessertish mood, so I had two little squares (pictured) of low-carb chocolate. It was good.

low carb chocolate

Then I got cold again. I made myself a cup of this Vanilla Hazelnut tea. Also good.

Vanilla Hazelnut tea (taken while water was boiling)

So that was my day, folks! This is what I eat when it is freezing cold out (I know, it’s triple digits elsewhere, but this is the BAY AREA in JULY — brrrrr!). Warm egg salad, soup, soup, tea.


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  1. You eat so well! (From one writer to another, you can take that “well” to have multiple meanings–you eat great food, you’re good at eating, etc.)

  2. BUUURRR I had to get my winter robe out the past couple of mornings! 🙂

    Totally a soup day! That Lentil soup looks delicious!

    I also only eat stuff that I love. If I do not like it once I bite it I “take a loss”- direct quote from my BF Sean, who has taken many loses along the way to healthy eating. 🙂 haha

  3. Yesterday was cold but today is COLDER. I am currently wearing a tshirt with TWO hoodies on top (with one of the hoods up) and thinking of adding a cardigan. I thought it was slightly warmer over in oakland. Oh and ps hope youre ok from those riots. I had a groupon for the soup company, which is next to my work, and got the same half hummus wrap last month. It was not good either. I also hate olives and they were sprinkled all through. Very mushy. I work in an office too and drink plenty of tea throughout the day to keep me warm, some of it caffeinated, to keep me awake. Paperwork can be quite dull. i love lentils. havent had them in forever.
    I hate the bay area in july. And most of august. Other people have their summers and we are COLD! I cant wait for the fall when it warms up! And I cant wait to go to SD next wkend. BRR!

  4. I am very intrigued by this eating only what you love concept. I need to adopt that. Apparently my own philosophy is Eat Whatever Is in Front of Me.

    It’s true, cold sandwiches don’t taste as good as warm ones.

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