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Day 6: Sickish Day

July 11, 2010

It’s 6:38pm and I’m already blogging the day’s food, because I pretty much think I’m done. If I do have something later, I’ll add it in. 🙂

I woke up still feeling pretty under the weather this morning so I cancelled all my day’s appointments and spent most of the day lying in bed reading New Yorkers and watching a movie. THIS happens about once every three years  – where I’m too sick to go about my normal routine, but not too sick to enjoy stuff from a reclining position!

I had coffee first thing because I always do.

A little while later, mid-morning, my stomach was growling a bit but I didn’t want to give it anything too extreme. So I had a honey wheat double fiber English muffin with a piece of Laughing Cow cheese. Which was just right. I then went back to bed with my movie. Which was also just right.

English muffin, laughing cow cheese, movie

In the late afternoon, I had that achey-stiff feeling you get from lying in bed all day. I really wanted to get out. It was now about 3pm. So I had some more food, for sustenance, and went on a ridiculously slow 3-mile walk through the woods. I mean reallllllly slow. Then I went to the grocery store. Then I was completely wiped out so I went back to bed.

vegi burger w cheese, pesto, Sandwich thin, apple, Crystal Light lemonade

Later on, I wanted soup (surprise!!) for dinner. I warmed up some Tomato Bisque soup I’d gotten from the store, and had it along with some “strawberry cherries” (which are pretty, but not as good as the dark cherries) and some of my favorite Sourdough Walnut bread with Smart Balance margarine. I have to note that I really, really love this bread and under “normal” circumstances I could easily eat 3 slices, if not half a loaf. But again I was deterred by the camera and stuck with the one. I also had a couple pieces of chicken breast from the rotisserie chicken that the rest of my family was eating. Now I’m fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul.

tomato bisque soup, sourdough walnut bread, strawberry cherries

rotisserie chicken

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  1. Hope your feeling better soon!

  2. I think it’s good that you got out and moved around a bit – sometimes you need that to move the sickness along, I think. Feel better soon!!

  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Sounds like a nice, take-care-of-Foodie day!

  4. Feel better soon, and listen to what your body needs! Glad you got out for a bit. Fresh air is good for the soul. 🙂

  5. hope you are feeling better. Sometimes a nice low-key day is just the thing for body & spirit.

  6. Hope youre feeling better. That bread looks good. And it comes attached to a whole bread review website, interesting. I never tend to eat cool bread like that, just sandwich bread on my sandwiches, or once in a while as toast. Even on a sick day you ate more creatively than me! 🙂

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