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Day 7: Farmers Market + Crustacean!

July 12, 2010

Well, I felt thoroughly recovered today. Maybe all I needed was to spend a couple days eating soup and lying in bed! Because I felt totally great today. Today was also the end of my first full week of photo food blogging. Reflections to follow!

Woke up. Coffee. Was very excited to go with my girls to the Farmers Market, which they love. They came home from camp last night (had been gone 3 weeks). But they slept and slept and slept and slept so I ended up taking my mom instead. (see blog post about that here)


My breakfast consisted of Farmers Market free samples: peaches, blueberries, and, yes: bolanis! I was over the moon with that. I bought 3 kinds of bolanis (sweet potato, lentil and spinach) and 3 kinds of sauce (minty yogurt, lentil curry and basil pesto).



bolani girl! with free samples!

After the farmers’ market, I went to a Nia class. It was fantastic because it was nothing but Michael Jackson music. I sweated TONS and had a happy great time.

Then I was hungry. By now the daughter was awake and she texted me and asked me to bring her an Indian food wrap from the market. I went back. By this time the chicken-rotisserie smell was wafting through the whole place so I bought an incredible organic roasted chicken and some amazing seedy-nutty bread. Came home and made a very very good sandwich.


sandwich with chicken, pesto, heirloom tomatoes

Then the story of our dinner is something else. One of my daughters is leaving to go BACK to her awesome circus camp tomorrow morning. So tonight was our only chance at an all-family dinner. BUT she had made an appointment to get a tattoo in San Francisco tonight at a lovely establishment called Let It Bleed. Our only chance was to find a restaurant where we could all go beforehand. I was planning on making a big farmers’ market dinner featuring corn and grilled vegies, but that was not meant to be.

I Googled around and found a place called Crustacean nearby the tattoo place. As it turns out it’s a pretty fancy place. We told them we were in sort of a hurry because of the appointment. OMG. I have NEVER had such lightning fast service, ANYwhere. And the food was amazing!! I’m sad I rushed out of the house with nothing but my phone because the photos would have been incredible, BUT this is all I could manage. We ate:

salt and pepper calamari

crab puffs

insanely delicious mussels

It was gooooooooood. It was so good, all of it. It looks like a lot but we split it between five of us.  I had 3 pieces of calamari, one mussel, one crab puff, some noodles and two crab claws.

We did have dessert.

creme brulee

I had one spoonful of creme brulee (that’s my younger girl there), and a cup of coffee, which I forgot to photograph.

But I have to say my FAVORITE part of the meal was this:

my girls

Having both of my girls home again, if only for the blink of an eye.

SO that was my day! Much more exciting than the previous few. And this ends my first full week of photo-food-blogging. I have so many thoughts about this week but I think for now I’ll just say I think it’s been a very beneficial thing, and I have decided to continue. Indefinitely.

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  1. Fast service is awesome and the food looks even better.

  2. Glad to hear you are going to continue photo food blogging! The chicken salad looks totally yum. I must get to a farmers market one of these days. Your daughters are beautiful :). oh, and I am grimacing and LOLing at the same time about a tattoo place named Let It Bleed.

  3. Whoa. This food porn of yours is killin’ me on a Monday morning.

  4. I havent been to my farmers market in a while..its only Saturday mornings and it closes at 1 and I tend to sleep in. Farmers markets are soo much more expensive in CA than they were in new england. In boston we could eat for weeks on $10. and in NH we could go to pick your own blueberries and get buckets and buckets for what you can get for just a few here. Oh well, CA has lots of wonderful things but cheap food isnt one of them! 🙂 what is nia class? Is that the farmers market at jack london sq? one of the few times ive been to oakland I walked through that, looking for the dessert festival. It looked nice and big! Wow circus camp and a tattoo your daughter sounds fun! Some of your photos arent showing up on my computer for some reason… couldn’t see the one of you with your daughters. Sounds nice and family-ish tho!

  5. Glad you are feeling better and that you got at least one meal with the whole fam! You need to go back to that restaurant when you aren’t in such a hurry!

    Can’t wait to see what your reflection will be on posting your eats this past week!

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