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Day 8: Stress-Food SAVE & Family Food

July 13, 2010

Things might look a little different around here now that 16 is back at home (she was at camp for 3 weeks). She’s wanting her old favorites so dinners are probably going to have that “family feel” more than last week. I’m glad to have her back!

Woke up this morning. You know what I had!


Yes, I guess that’s an advertisement. It’s all we drink at home. My spouse knows how to make it PERFECTLY: not as killer strong as in the coffee shops, but denser than most “regular” coffee. I live for this coffee when I wake up.

Today was the day I got to try out our brand new (to us, it was pre-owned) elliptical machine! I was thrilled not to  have to drive 45 minutes round trip to work out on a machine. I worked out for 35 minutes and got a very nice sweat on.

Then I was ready for breakfast: BOLANIS!  YAY! I bought a ton of them at the Farmers’ Market yesterday and was excited to try these new flavors. I had half a lentil bolani, plus lentil curry sauce, some minty cheese sauce and sliced peaches also from the market. YUM.

lentil bolani, lentil curry sauce, minty cheese sauce, peaches

Like my little chicken timer? I’m getting pretty artsy-fartsy, huh? LOL

So: lunch. Let me just say that this 3-week period coming up is THE MOST STRESSFUL period of my entire year, hands down. Big annual event which I am in charge of happens the last week of July, and every spare minute and morsel of energy goes into it. Last night I had my 3rd event-themed NIGHTMARE in which I was completely unprepared and everything went wrong. The energy around my office, was, ahem, a bit CHARGED today.  My co-worker ordered a sandwich “with extra bacon” and joked about drinking wine after work.

I was so wired up as well, and almost succumbed to the group energy of “we have to eat to calm ourselves through this intense time.” I’ve certainly done it for the past five years. One year I gained 14 lbs during this season. I almost, almost, almost, ALMOST ordered a triple decker grilled Havarti sandwich from my favorite takeout place. I almost did!

But then I thought about taking the picture. And I thought, if I do this, I’m going to enjoy it (maybe) for the two minutes it takes to inhale it. Then I’m going to add the stress of “WHAT have I DONE?!” to the regular stress of work. I thought about it long and hard.

Then I went to the Thai place a few doors down. I felt like I really, really needed some kind of protein to get me through the afternoon and not put me to sleep. So I got a cup of coconut/chicken soup, and some grilled chicken satay skewers.

thom ka gai soup


See that? I did not touch one grain of rice. Rice is my Kryptonite. It makes my blood glucose go BERSERK. Often I cannot resist but today I knew it would just knock me over. So none. I also had just a dollop of the peanut sauce, and ALL of the cucumbers, which were yummy. I left a skewer behind too. For which I patted myself on the back. It was “healthy,” but it was just too much.

After lunch I just wanted a teeny tiny sweet something. I did a little trick that I often do. I went to the gelato place and asked for a taste of a new flavor. Today it was “basil” which tasted way too much like pesto to me. Which I adore, but in ice cream… no. But that did the trick for me. It was like a teaspoon of gelato and it completely satisfied the craving. Yay.

Dinner! We had two of 16’s favorite things in celebration of her coming home. This is her very particular blend of salad that she loves: butter lettuce, green apples, avocado, miso dressing and little onion crunchies (yum).

16's salad

Then we had our old family standby of Dreamfields Low-Glycemic Low-Carb spaghetti (I honestly can’t tell the difference) with turkey meatballs in tomato sauce. It was yum.

Dreamfields spaghetti, turkey meatballs, zesty marinara sauce

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  1. Yum! Everything looks so tasty!

  2. Oh, bravo! Especially on the lunch! 🙂 It’s hard to not soothe with food. I’m still not fully there yet.

  3. I would love an eliptical machine at the house. Id go on it all the time. Well, I think I would. Eliptical is my favorite machine. I could use it while watching tv, or when im bored, or want to listen to music… lol. Have fun! Minty cheese sauce? Interesting. I had peaches for breakfast too…one of my coworkers has some apricot/peach/plum trees that give more fruit than he can eat and he has been bringing them in to work. Tasted soo good sliced on my cereal! Oh no good luck at work. I hate it when I dream about work. Lol you really love soup! I don’t think I would like the basil ice cream either. Id try it tho.

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