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Day 10: Ugly Food, Beautiful Food

July 15, 2010

Today was a really weird food day. I had two breakfasts, a late lunch and got freaked out by ugly food. (more on that later)

Started out with coffee and English muffin with PB since I needed some protein and something not too big before I went to work out with my trainer. I always get in trouble if I go over there with an empty stomach.

breakfast #1

Had a great workout. Came home and was hungry again. Had breakfast #2: half a spinach bolani (surprise surprise), plus 3 dollops of sauce (pesto, lentil curry and minty cheese) and some grapes. So far so good.

breakfast #2

But then things got funky. I went to my job. Did not take lunch break because breakfast #2 was so late. Was rushing to Weight Watchers around 4:30. THEN I was hungry. Felt very strongly I wanted protein. I went to 2 places that were closed. I was running out of time. Ran into this deli and got a cup of lentil soup.

It SUCKED. It was ugly, it smelled not delicious and did not taste so good. But I felt like I really, really needed something quasi nutritious to eat because soon I would be in a room with hundreds of snacks I did not want to eat. So I ate it. I was in a bad mood and took a bad picture with my phone. UGLY FOOD! AGH!

bad, ugly, not good tasting lentil soup

Remember when I vowed to only eat food I loved? Well I felt like I was in a corner with this. I was really hungry, and I knew I had to eat, and I did not have time to wander around and find something better. I didn’t want to go into work and end up eating four 2-point bars because I was starved.

Then when I went to my car I found this little baggie of apple slices from earlier in the day. They had turned brown. But HEY they were EDIBLE. They were also very ugly, but they didn’t taste bad. So I ate those while setting up for my meeting.

ugly apples that didn't taste bad

The meeting ended. (early, thank goodness!) I had to run one errand. But I was on a mission. I was going to find some dinner food that was going to be delicious AND nice to look at. Happily I did not have to search far. I had never gone to Christopher’s Burgers, but had heard great things about them.

Ahh, what to order? I actually ended up ordering a turkey burger by they gave me a chicken “burger” by accident. I have a pet peeve about this: do not call a grilled chicken breast a chicken “burger!” It is NOT a burger. Only ground up chicken meat is a burger in my mind. Whatever.

I ended up feeling actually very happy with the sandwich I got because I suspect that maybe the chicken breast was healthier than the turkey burger would have been. I got it with blue cheese (YUM) and grilled onions (DOUBLE YUM). I was, in fact, in heaven.

I don’t know if you think this is pretty but it sure looked gorgeous to me. And it tasted amazing.

blue cheese chicken breast sandwich with grilled onions

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  1. Sans the onions, I would be all over that “burger!”

    I hate when you get shitty soups.

  2. I hate UGLY food! I also hate food that is ugly AND tastes BLAH! BOO to that! lol

    Last night I made a pack of those Madras Lentils and it looked so sad in my bowl so I added some sauteed spinach…still looked sad! lol

    But I had points left for snacks! 🙂

  3. mmm, the chicken notburger looks delish.

    funny you mention ugly food. I often think to myself that my food looks ugly.

    I am sad about bad-tasting lentil soup. That is just wrong.

    • I can’t help thinking that food we think is “ugly” (in whatever way) probably nourishes us less than food we think is beautiful.

      • Sweeter permalink

        I don’t think that’s the case for me. I am more like Merri I think. I just think my food is visually ugly b/c I like to just glop stuff together and mix it up in one bowl. Usually when I do that, it is with healthier foods.

        Possibly for me, prettier foods are less healthy. Like chocolate cake. It’s pretty. lol.

  4. It’s funny, about the ugly food. Now that I’m photo-blogging it, I’m taking a little more time to make my food look nicer. I find, too, that sometimes, going for a stop-gap food (even if it isn’t loved) is better than making a worse choice. Thank goodness for your apple stash!

  5. Ugh I hate when I know I should eat but theres nothing apetizing around. Usually I just get more and more picky and end up eating nothing and then get in a tired, bad mood. Yes, a chicken burger would be made of ground chicken meat. After all, turkey and beef burgers are ground, and not slabs of those meats, either. For some reason, eating a ground up patty of meat is easier than eating a big thing of regular meat between bread. Then I feel like it’s boring lol. My food looks ugly a lot of times but usually tastes yummy anyway. I don’t really care about the presentation for home cooked stuff, just the taste.

  6. That sandwich is a work of art. And now I want one. Really, really bad. Is it time for dinner, yet?

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