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Day 14: The Day After

July 19, 2010

I think I would classify yesterday as a day in which I ate too much quantity of good healthy food. Today I ate very little food, and it wasn’t the healthiest. Tomorrow I want to get back to balancing out: appropriate quantities of good healthy food.

So, today:

of course.

Did I eat breakfast? I think I didn’t. Oops.

I ran off to do an all-day training for camp staff for the camp I direct. We had ordered box lunches. Which included sandwich, pasta salad and cookie. Hmm. (who was in CHARGE of this? Oh right. *I* was. Duh.)

The sandwich had way more bread than I am used to eating. I only ate half.

It also came with pasta salad. Again, I ate about half of it.

It was okay.

Then, it came with a cookie.

"chocolate chip" cookie

I say “chocolate chip” in ironic quotes because it was very skimpy on chips. I am proud to say I only ate half and then decided it was not worth it because it just wasn’t sending me into ecstasy.

Got home. Showered and changed. No time for dinner. (uh oh)

Ate an apple, 2 pieces of Ak-Mak and two light Laughing Cow cheese while rushing to car. I guess that was dinner. (I did take a picture, but the camera is upstairs and I am too lazy/tired to go up and get it. Believe me, it was nothing to look at, but I will add it next time I blog)

Went to my friend’s solo performance show. In celebration of his two years of performing, during intermission he served cake and cookies he’d baked himself. This cookie was FAR SUPERIOR to the one we got in the box lunch. I split it with Mr. McBody.

cookie by Paolo

So that was my day. Pretty pathetic, huh? But I think for most of the day I was still subsisting on yesterday’s food. Tomorrow, I hope, a return to healthy normalcy, and if it’s cold out, I am still going to want to get that oatmeal for breakfast. Wish me luck.

I know, I know, I can MAKE MY OWN oatmeal. And maybe I will.

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  1. Ya know, the thing that makes weight watchers do-able for me is the fact that you can have a splurge day (used 27 of my weeklies yesterday) and then go back to being OP the next day. If you plan for it- it works! 🙂

    I say congrats on eating 1/2 the sand. 1/2 the pasta salad and stopping on the cookie when it wasn’t so tasty! 🙂

  2. I agree, TJ. It totally worked for me. As I say in my meetings, you don’t want to sit in a corner at the wedding, crying over a stick of celery while everyone else has fun… 🙂

  3. I think just about any “regular” food was going to pale in comparison to the wedding feast yesterday! 🙂 Nice job on “pulling the breaks” (as my Cardio Sculpt instructor says) when something wasn’t worthy.

    I think the only thing worse than a chocolate chip cookie that’s skimpy on the chips is grabbing what you *think* is a chocolate chip cookie and have the “chips” be raisins. 😛 Glad you & Mr. McBody got to share a more worthy one later.

    • You are sooooo right about that!! (the chips vs raisins) I have an avid dislike of cooked raisins. I like them out of a box, but NOT cooked in things. They feel all bloated and mushy, like something drowned. Ugh.

    • PS. I really like your repeated use of the word “worthy.” It’s a good one to remember in that Pause moment.

  4. You should make your own oatmeal!! And I think that cookie was definitely insulin worthy! 😀

  5. i love raisin oatmeal cookies though. esp if i am getting a non-homemade cookie, it tends to almost always be tastier of its raisin rather than choc chip. you had a small food day! but then again, ive had too many small food days recently myself.

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