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Day 16: Oooops, Stress and WOW

July 21, 2010

Today, this whole foodblogging thing really stepped up for me. I gotta say. It was quite a day.

Got up. Had coffee in my cowboy boot mug that I got from a cowboy saloon in Nashville after completing the Country Music Marathon in Nashville in 2000.

Again, I thought about getting some oatmeal at Starbucks. Again, I got distracted and ran out of time. Toasted an English  muffin. Got a stressful work phone call. Burned the English muffin while on the phone. Started with a brand new English muffin. Was all stressed and grabbed it right out of the toaster, put on the peanut butter, and took a bite……. OOOOOPS.

Grabbed the camera. Took the picture. The painted rabbit of doom was not pleased.

This was a big turning point. I was all worked up over this phone call. What I wanted, more than anything, was to dive into the peanut butter jar with a BIG GIANT SPOON and eat it all. I was on the brink. I can’t even tell you how close I was to that brink.


I could either:

  1. Throw in the towel, eat the peanut butter with the spoon. Off camera. Which would render this entire blog project useless.
  2. Eat the peanut butter with the spoon and document it with the camera.
  3. Walk away from the peanut butter.

Guess which one I chose, in that split second? Yeah!!!!!!! I chose option number THREEEEEEEEEE! Which is, I can’t tell, you, NOT the thing I would normally do.

As I drove to work I was completely, like, WOW did that really happen? Did I really escape the giant claws of the monster peanut butter jar? Unbelievable.

Thank you camera! Thank you foodblogging! Wow.

I went to work. It was one of the hardest, most stressful days I have had all year.  Went and had fish tacos for lunch. Which turned out to be good. I had two tacos (just one seen here) but just one tortilla on each one.

One of my co-workers and I had talked about going to this super nifty Happy Hour down the street, to help us get through this hard week. So I was actively thinking, YAY, I will switch out the peanut butter fix and turn it into an alcohol fix.

But at 5pm we still had work to do. I still had piles of work. So Happy Hour did not happen. Everyone else went home. I worked until around 7. Then I was hungry. Went across the street and had some very nice French onion soup. And some bread. And a chicken salad.

I had most of the soup, one piece of bread, and about half the salad. I have to say, I HATE having dressing on the side. I know it’s a very Diety thing to do (but I’m not ON a diet!!!!!!!!!!!) but I hate it with a fiery passion. Either the salad is dry as bones, or it’s got a huge glop of dressing on it. UGH. What I wanted was to ask for a big giant bowl, about half the dressing and two big forks so I could toss it properly. But that did not happen. I just ate most of the chicken and some of the walnuts and blue cheese. And the 1/3 of lettuce that had the right amount of dressing.

I worked until 10:30pm tonight. Partly because I really want to work out tomorrow morning, and I needed to get all my stuff done.

I feel really proud of what happened today. I could so easily have gone into anesthetic, bingey eating TWICE today, and both times, it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen at all.

And…… (whispering) I have not had any sugar in two days. Just sayin’. I’m not TRYING, I’m just…. seeing what happens.

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  1. Way to go on the awesome decision making. 🙂 That soup looks incredible!

  2. Way to go!

    I keep thinking I should make an effort to go sugar-free for a while, but it’s a tough one for me.


  4. Great job today! I think it is very cool that it is helping you make good decisions. I know what you mean about the salads. I am happy to have our salad bowl back because we usually use it every night – there is something nice about tossing a salad in a big bowl….:-)

  5. Great desicions! That soup looks so awesome *drools*

  6. Wow, good for you. Being able to walk away shows how changed you are!

    I really love your boot mug!

  7. Way to go on decision #3!! And I love the painted rabbit of doom! Your dinner looks amazing. 🙂

  8. V is for VICTORY! I am enjoying this blog and I like reading your battles- because I have them too!! I use to be a secret binge eater and all of a sudden stopped a couple of years ago. I have no idea how I did it but when I do blog & take pictures of my food it makes me happy to show my food- share my portions. Because once upon a time I was sneaking huge containers of Chinese food and fast food bags and felt extremely guilty.

    Have you ever eaten PB2 from It’s powdered peanut butter and you gotta mix it yourself when you want a serving. 2 TB=1 pt. 🙂 Solved my peanut butter (or almond butter) spoon dips! lol

    Hope work is not as stressful today for ya!

  9. HUGE deal! HUGE! Way to go! 🙂

  10. Sugar free is a great challenge and I commend you on it. Sounds like quite the day. Stress really takes a toll on us, nutritionally too

    I’m a big french onion soup eater. I try FO soups all over the world in my travels. They’re different everywhere and that’s what I like

    Food picture blogging. What a novel idea

    • Rob, I adoooooore French Onion soup. It’s hard for me to pass up anywhere. And yes, food picture blogging is changing my life! For real!

  11. That’s so awesome Susan!

    Food blogging is really the ultimate accountability. You know at least someone will know about what you eat, and that tends to stop secret peanut butter swipes and things. (not always, but usually)

    and yay no sugar! I’ve found I feel so good without it. Even with just LESS it makes a huge difference.

    • It’s only been two days so far, and so far I don’t really notice any difference. Maybe because the amount of sugar I normally eat is pretty small, anyway. But I’m gonna (whisper) see how it goes.

      I’m reluctant to make any declarations in this area. I’m just… trying it out. Gently.

  12. That is such a cute mug!! I always try to get dressing on the side. Not cuz of diet reasons, but because restaurants tend to DRENCH salads with their dressing. And it gets all soggy and too dressing-y. I like just a little bit so I can dip things right in, or try and spread it on myself. Usually you have to ask for it to be on the side though, not the other way around.

  13. That bread looks heavenly! Did I mention that I’m low-carbing it? (Look away, Min, look away…)

  14. I love all your different mugs! I have either red or white LOL

    A tip for salad dressing (if you care LOL): dip your fork in it and then spear a bite of salad.

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