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Day 18: Big Stress, Good Food

July 23, 2010

Another super stressful work day. There’s just a LOT OF DETAILS to juggle all at once. It is taking great perseverance to keep focused and stay on track, eating wise. I did really well today. I am patting myself on the back and soon you will see why.

Started out at usual. You can see I am going through ALL the mugs in my cabinet. They are a combination of three households: my mother’s (she came to live with us 6 yrs ago and brought all her kitchen stuff) and my 19 yr old’s (she came home from college and brought all HER stuff). So we have a lot of mugs.

This is one from my mom’s collection. My daughter sent this one to my dad when she was two. Meaning *I* sent it to him when she was two. Cue “Aww.”

Went to work for an early meeting. Then I went across the street and had a breakfast I had been craving for quite some time. It was perfect. (OK, it could have been a little bigger) With about half a cup more coffee.

Work work work. I took my mom to lunch (who was helping out in the office). She ordered these.

I ate ONE. How did I manage this, you might ask? I distracted myself (hello Twitter/iPhone) for a good long while until they were cold. Stone cold. Cold fries taste nasty to me. I ate one to confirm this and did not need anymore. If I’d tried one when they were hot I would have eaten more than half the basket. Yay me.

chicken breast, garlic spinach, feta

I ordered “Popeye chicken.” Which is rather hilarious since it in no way resembles that other Popeyes’ Chicken. This one was the Popeye-the-sailor-man- kind with a ton of spinach on it. I felt like I really needed my strength to get through this day. It also had some delicious feta. I only ate half the bun because it was super white and fluffy and I didn’t quite need that.

Finished one job. Went to WW. Very hungry after that. Came home and had leftover turkey & black bean chili with some avocado. It was good, satisfying, filling.

That’s it. I feel like I am taking good care of myself in the midst of chaos. Taking HISTORICALLY good care of myself. I’m really tired now. Goodnight!

PS. Late night comfort: Coconut Chai Tea.

PPS. (days without sugar = 4)


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  1. zomg, here i am, reading your blog, even though it makes me feel awfully bad about my own eating habits! but i am so proud of you for standing your ground with Barney’s FRIES! (I do not like their burgers, but man, they have AWESOME fries). Wow.

    Annnnd I ❤ chili atop a poached egg. It's totally low carb and I don't miss the carbs.

    • zomg! is right. I don’t want you to feel awfully bad… we all eat what we eat, you know? Thanks for the yay on the fries though. It made me realize that now I much prefer and could not resist sweet potato fries (my weakness). It felt great to turn these down.

      Ahh… chili on poached egg! I’ve never tried that. It sounds great. Next time.

      This is why I love food blogs! So many good ideas. I’m amazed by some of the interesting things that people eat that never would have occurred to me.

  2. Susan, apart from your morning coffee, I think I missed what you drink with meals. I used to enjoy wine with most evening meals, but wanted a non-alcoholic beverage.

    I discovered Dry Soda and love it. I think it’s available in some Whole Foods, but I order it online.

    Oops! I see it has 45 cals a serving, so maybe this isn’t helpful. Anyway, I love the rhubarb soda!


  3. Mostly I drink water. Sometimes, Crystal Light with sparkly water.
    But Ooooh I love those flavors!

    I’ve never heard of Dry Soda before. Thank you! And it’s not a whole LOT of sugar. Not like regular soda anyway. I want to try it now.

  4. great food choices! 🙂

  5. That chicken looks good.

  6. i always visit food blogs because i always like to do some home cooked meals ~,-

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