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Mary on the Greatness of FoodBlogging

July 23, 2010

Mary just wrote a great post today on the Greatness of Foodblogging. She hit it right on the head!

The best thing about this form of tracking is that you are forced to think BEFORE you eat. Most methods require you write down the food after you’ve consumed it. When you have to take photos you are forced to look at the food first. It gives you a chance to ask questions about what you are going to eat. Is it balanced? Is it colorful (good both for the photo and for your body)? Are the portion sizes in check? Generally I think about these things and consider my food much more carefully than I ever did before. From someone who once struggled with secret binges and compulsive eating this has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in regards to health and eating. Sometimes the answers to those questions will be no – you are eating “junk” and that’s okay. I haven’t found that food blogging and the accountability that goes with that completely stops me from enjoying things that aren’t necessarily healthy. It does however make me be more selective about my indulgences and what I choose to eat in those situations.

Read more here.

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