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Day 19: Work Work Work Zzzzzzzzzz

July 24, 2010

mug from daughter's awesome middle school

spinach bolani breakfast

iced coffee (this lasted all day)

whole wheat bagel (office snack)

turkey sandwich (office lunch)

grilled tuna & bacon kabobs with green beans (office dinner)

and some grilled fingerling potatoes on the side

Got home at 11:25.


From → Food

  1. that iced coffee actually looks good. iced is the only way i can drink coffee, and urs looks nice and creamy.

  2. I need that mug. It speaks perfectly to part of my job. And if you wouldn’t mind sending over some of the coffee in it too 🙂

  3. I skipped the bolani last week but I gotta get it again soon! 🙂

    Iced coffee looks so good! 🙂

  4. I love all of your mugs.

    I’ve got find out where to get bolani around here!

  5. I am struck at how plentiful good (healthy) take-out food seems to be in your area…

    And yeah, how many mugs do you have??? 😉

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