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Day 27: Wobbly, with Bad Lighting

August 1, 2010

Yesterday started out pretty well although not completely well thought out.

Breakfast #1: Half an avocado with lemon juice & sea salt.

That held me pretty well through the morning. I went to my solo performance class which went until around 1:30pm. This was my mid-morning break snack:

coffee, almonds, string cheese, apple

Lucky I brought that stuff or else I’d be starving. After class I walked around downtown SF and then I wanted Real Lunch. It was around 2:30. I went to a vegan place at this fancy food court and got this ginormous plate o food:

curried sweet potato, brown rice, garlic eggplant & tofu

I had about four bites of each thing then got a to-go box to bring the rest home.

I needed to save room for my “research.” Ha ha. There’s a scene in my solo performance show that involves this certain kind of Haagen-Dasz ice cream. I needed to go study it to make sure I got it right. Yeah, yeah. No really!!!! Come to the show on August 9th and you’ll see.

Got home. Hubby and I went out for date night. First to see Inception, then to dinner. Which was very late. (almost 9) I NEVER eat that late. But I got a cocktail (yummy caipirinha), ate some bread, and got grilled asparagus (no photo), a bowl of clam chowder (yummy) and split a mini lemon cheesecake. I had my camera with me, but the restaurant was REALLY dark and I did not want to draw attention to myself by using the flash. Not sure what to do in these super lowlight situations.

Here are bad photos of good food.


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  1. How did you like inception? Ive heard its really good and will def see it when it comes out on bluray. I love caprihanas. Mmm. Theyre tasty, and one actually makes me feel slightly buzzed, which is rare for alcohol (one of the reasons I don’t usually drink!). I tend to often eat dinner that late. By the time I get home from work and we make dinner, its usually close to 9.

    • Ummm… it’s pretty good but personally I was not wild about it. I am really REALLY into dreams and there were way too many car chases and shootouts for me to feel like it was like any dream world I knew.

      • dreams DO have stuff like that. car chases, shootouts, mysteries, action, monsters, even the hot girls. lol. umm i guess not everyones do?

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