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Day 28: All Home Food! Yeah!

August 2, 2010

Today I wanted to (for a CHANGE) eat all of my food at HOME for once. Eating out is so expensive and tiring. It’s hard to avoid when I’m working, but for Pete’s sake, on a Sunday I ought to be able to manage it. And I did.

I guess it “helped” that I had a little meltdown this morning that involved me skipping breakfast.

grilled turkey, cheese & sundried tomato panini

Lunch was good: a grilled panini sandwich, with some apple and fresh pineapple. That held me all afternoon.

Dinner was a family classic.

teriyaki salmon, broccoli with blue cheese, corn, half a crab cake

That was it. Simple. Not a lot of noshing. It felt fine. And easy.

Boy, this blog doesn’t have many photos today does it? Should I eat something else? (ha. just kidding!)

Late night addendum: Coconut Chai Tea

Here’s a pic of my doggie Chacha, who kept me good company during ALL of my meals today.

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  1. Pics are beatiful. Either you are very gifted, or your camera has a excellent “auto” feature ;-D

  2. Oh, I’m very gifted! For sure! πŸ™‚


  3. This was a great looking Sunday full of HOME COOKED meals!!! Great Job!!! I am trying to decrease the “Take-Out” as well!!! πŸ˜‰ *Hugs*

  4. I try really hard to do all “home food” but there are definitely slip ups from time to time. ADORABLE pup by the way!

  5. I am the opposite. On work days, I almost always eat at home (or bring my lunch/breakfast to work, from home). But on weekends, I usually end up eating out. Especially on Saturday, im usually rushing between the errands of the day, and eating in time before I go out at the night. Sundays I often have good intentions of making a nice, elaborate, tasty recipe, but I usually end up either too lazy, or too busy, and order in. actually, I often don’t eat enough on the weekends, because there’s not enough time. mmm turkey with apple and pineapple sounds great! Aw cute dog. πŸ™‚

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