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Day 29: Leftovers Can Be Delicious

August 3, 2010

Hello coffee!

Got breakfast at Starbucks. Yum perfect.

I was very proud that I’d brought lunch to work today; leftovers from the vegan place I went to on Saturday. They were really quite delicious. I need to remember to do this more often.

Mid-afternoon, I had a Kind Plus Cranberry Nut bar I’d gotten at Starbucks. It was SO SO GOOD! Then (mistake) I snarfed down a second one. It wasn’t as good, and it was extra calories I had no need for. Oh well.

After work, I had an apple I’d brought for lunch, before heading over to the cemetery for a group workout with my trainer. It was just what I needed. But I forgot to take a pic so this is a recycled one of a similar apple I ate last week (in case it looks familiar!).

Got home and had leftovers from the Thai takeout dinner the family had already eaten. I know, the “leftovers” were only like an hour old. That probably doesn’t count. Ha.

chicken satay, pad thai

I had some cherries for dessert. They were really good.

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  1. ok this is going to sound odd—and does to me as I type it :)– but we never have leftovers!!

    Id not even though about that until just now.

    my FOOD FOR THOUGHT today is pondering if it is because we FINISH or because I dont make extra?

    Im a clean plater 🙂

  2. I like your nails. Good manicure. i need to get one this weekend..

  3. Hey, you did NANOWRIMO? (I tried it one year…got about 250 words of my great novel idea down…and then fizzled out. Why do they choose November, anyway? Too much going on!)

    I *love* Kind bars. I’m sorry if my food blog led you astray with their sweet & nutty goodness. :-/

    • I did do NanoWriMo, and “won” three times! It’s a crazy crazy thing. Now I just have to FINISH one of those messes.

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