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Day 30: Grilling is Good

August 4, 2010

I was almost late for work this morning.
Tossed down some coffee (another one of my daughter’s painted creations)

Peanut butter double fiber honey wheat English muffins on the fly – on a paper towel:

Cherries on the fly, eaten in the car, in traffic.

Lunch out with a friend AND a good excellent book:

Savor, 1/2 turkey avocado sandwich, black bean soup

Mid-afternoon snack at desk: more cherries. (so good)

Dinner: roasted sweet potatoes (YUM), basil-garlic chicken sausages on the grill (took 5 minutes!) and salad. Made me think, I ought to do this more often (use grill).

my plate (w/salad & lots of Smart Balance spread)

I was dragging tired exhausted this afternoon after work. I almost fell asleep in the parking lot of Whole Foods. When I looked at today’s photos I realized why: NO COFFEE. (since 7am) Wow.

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  1. grilling is good!

    Love the book next to your food. I want to read that!

  2. Turkey avocado sandwich that is what I eat for lunch almost every single work day (with cheese and mustard too).

  3. emily permalink

    hi! it’s emily from wednesday group. found your blog and just wanted to say hi. what kind of camera do you use, by the way?

  4. Those roasted sweet potatoes made me drool all over my keyboard! Yum!!!

    And I love your daughter’s mug! She does such a nice job with those.

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