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Day 31: From Nut Bars to Veggies

August 5, 2010

After coffee, I had a mini-breakfast snack before going to work out.

I’d never had this French Onion Laughing Cow before, and I liked it very, very much. Yum.

Went to work out with trainer, who had a new method of torture: brand new Ropes of Doom. They are shorter than our original ropes, and stiffer and more difficult. AGH!

Trainer DJ on the Ropes of Doom!

After working out, I had 2nd breakfast. Very refreshing.

Fage Greek yogurt, blueberries, nuts, peach preserve dollop

Later on, had an early light lunch.

Spinach bolani, lowfat pesto, garlic minty cheese, cherries

At about 4:30, I was getting ready to go to my WW meeting. Realized I was starrrrrrrrrrrving and was not going to make it until 8:00pm without something. Luckily, I had a WW 2 point bar in my bag!

But guess what? It wasn’t enough. I went to the grocery store across the street and got this.

I have recently fallen in love with KIND bars. Unfortunately, they are not exactly low-point. And they are too delicious. This one was amaaaaaaazing.

Went to my meeting. Got home at, yes, 8pm. My husband was conducting a meeting. He had bought some Party Food, including this yummy almond-and-black olive mix. Which I munched on while waiting for my dinner to cook.

roasted cauliflower w parmesan & pesto, Saag paneer (spinach w cheese)

I really needed this dinner. I was so craving vegetables after eating those dense, sweet bars. It was gooood. Then I noticed that hubby had also made a pot of decaf – yay! So I had a cup of that for dessert. Ahhhh.

One of the previous commenters asked “What kind of camera do you use?” This made me laugh. Because today was the first day, in the interest of time management, I tried to use ONLY ONE CAMERA all day. Which is a tiny Fuji FinePix. It is the same size as my phone but better quality. But looking back on the day’s photos, I realize I am dissatisfied. Part of the fun of this blog for me has been fooling around with photos and photo quality. I thought I would save some time by not having to download from three separate cameras every night.

So, normally this is what I do: I use my giant, five-pound Eos 40D when I am at home in my own kitchen. I do not haul it out of the house. I use my iPhone when I’m out and don’t have a camera. I use a smaller, mini Canon Powershot G5 when I know I’m going out to dinner and remember to put a camera in my purse. (I’ll probably use the FinePix for this more often)

Yeah, I’m sort of a camera geek too.

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  1. Your food blog makes me miss eating with you!

  2. BOLANI! 🙂 Yipeee

    That cauliflower dish looks YUMMY! Did you use the Basil Pesto from the Bolani peeps? I have some left might need to get a head of cauli! 🙂

  3. did you make the saag yourself?

  4. Oh, yum! The cauliflower looks *so good*! As do the olives & almonds. I have two eggplant sitting on the kitchen shelf, and I’ve been making excuses all week about not roasting them, even though I’m craving roasted eggplant. Maybe I’ll grill them, so my family doesn’t have to endure the smell.

    Sometimes I wish I lived someplace where the food wasn’t so darn varied and amazing and easily accessible. Although I’d probably just mail order it or cook it anyway.

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