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Day 32: Hummus & More Hummus

August 6, 2010

So remember last night when I had that “decaf” that Mr. McBody had made for his meeting? Well, I had two cups, not one. And guess what else. IT WASN’T DECAF. Which completely wreaked havoc on the past 24 hours. For one, I did not fall asleep until 2am. (aghhhhhhhhhh!) Then, I had to wake up at 6:30 and go to work. Not a happy camper.

At lunchtime, I was freezing cold  (I know people on the northeast cannot comprehend this, but it is like the frozen Tundra out here this summer). I could not deal with a cold sandwich or salad so I went to a place that had a half-warm lunch plate. I love hummus. I actually only ate about half of this.

Then I was really sleepy and really cold so I had a cappuccino.

The universe was smiling down on me and did not give me any afternoon client. So I got to go home for about one hour before my WW meeting and take a little nap. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing was that I sooooooooooo needed it. The bad thing is that it almost killed me to drag myself from the bed and out the door.

Happily, my lively and great members woke me up. But my day was not yet over. I had plans to meet up with my friend so we could rehearse our respective solo shows which we are performing in mere days. EEEEK.

I needed some dinner. Something drew me to yet another hummus place. I had a bowl of warm hummus with chickpeas (there is a name for this but I forget it) AND a cauliflower patty type thing. Both of which were really good.

After that I wanted something hot AND I wanted something sweet. I went across the street and got some REAL decaf as well as a mini black bottom cupcake. I told myself I’d only eat it if it was absolutely worthy. I broke off a small piece to see.

Yup. It was worthy. Very.

I realize that I like to eat in patterns. If there’s something I like, I tend to eat it over and over until something comes along to break the pattern. Bolanis. Peanut butter English muffins. Green apples. Cherries. Hummus.

Note to self: Start wearing warmer clothes or carrying a scarf and hat in the car so you don’t have to keep buying coffee to get warm.

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  1. Oh no! I am so sensitive to coffee. I would be so wired if I had two cups at any time in the day, esp before bed. Altho going to 230 am is not that weird for me. I try to go to sleep sometime between 12-2. but I don’t wake up till between 7-720. yes I am so cold right now.. Im sitting here at work freezing! It was 52 this morning my phone said. BRRR!!!!!!! Why didn’t I wear a sweater instead of a tshirt? Im so jealous of all these ppl complaining bout the heat.. Next month.. 🙂 I love hummus. Maybe ill have some tonite..theres some in the fridge..where did you get that black bottom cupcake? Was it by your house or in sf? I had the yummiest one in san diego and would love to eat one here in sf.

  2. hmm really? there are some right near work, and on the way to my house. ill have to try one sometime!

  3. Mary Catherine permalink

    I’ve been reframing the way I look at both meals and photographs since following your food blog. Am I the only one who is wanting a better shot of just what Renata has on her tray?

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