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Day 35: Unusual Food! Amaaaazing Food!

August 9, 2010

Sunday was a truly spectacular food day. It ranged from the unique to the sublime.

It started with some powdered Chai Latte because I ran out of half and half yesterday (oh nooooooooo!) and was unable to replenish it before the morning. I can’t deal with black coffee. And I discovered that almond milk is a sorry substitute for half and half. So, desperate for some creamy caffeinated beverage, I found this stash of Chai Latte stuff in the cupboard. It was just fine.

I use half regular & half sugar-free

16 wanted to go to the Farmers’ Market around lunchtime. Fine with me! Time to stock up on bolanis! 🙂 There was a new vendor there today: A guy selling vegan cones with various fillings. I was sort of intrigued. First of all, I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder regarding vegan food because 1) I LOVE DAIRY PRODUCTS and 2) Café Gratitude gets on my very last nerve. But I thought these are no reasons to pass up something potentially yummy and healthy.

Food in a cone! Intriguing, right? I tasted an “Italian” cone with faux ricotta cheese made from almonds. Then a Thai salad cone with cabbage, carrots and mango with tamarind sauce. I opted for that one because the idea of faux cheese just rubs me wrong. So I got the Thai cone.

This is what is in it:

This is what it looks like:

It did taste spicy, tangy, refreshing and unusual. It was not hands down the most delicious thing I’ve ever experienced, but I’d definitely say it was “good” and it was definitely something I’d eat again. I’d like to try their portobello mushroom cone, which was sold out yesterday.

It was not hugely filling but it was enough for a light lunch. Which was perfect since I was going out for a major FEAST for dinner. Two my closest buddies and I were celebrating our three summer birthdays together, and we went out to eat at the spectacular Bocanova.

This restaurant is PERFECT for friends and parties because the dishes are all super shareable. Which is what we did. We shared:

jicama with chile and lime

scallops & carrot salad with Brazilian curry OMG!!!!!!!!

braised spinach with shallots

kale empanadas

roasted corn with chile butter & lime

potatoes with romanesco sauce

grilled ono tuna

deviled eggs with crabmeat

I know that looks like PILES of food, but we each only had one and 1/3 of everything. (we cut that last little egg into 3rds!) It was … heavenly. Every bite. CRAZY good. Insanely good! The best thing was the scallops. The green Brazilian curry sauce was to die for and we dragged every other bite of food through the puddle till it was gone. Oh, and then they brought us complementary dessert!

teeny-tiny almond something bites MMMM

After dinner we stopped at Whole Foods to pick out our “real” birthday dessert. I picked a key lime tart which looked good but upon tasting it, was decidedly Unworthy. Ah well.

key lime tart

Also had a bite (unpictured) of my friend’s marionberry pie with ice cream. It was okay.

Nothing could really top that dinner at Bocanova!! When can I go back??

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  1. Sweeter permalink

    The Thai cone looks pretty good. Did not know you felt that way about vegan food. I am very interested in vegan food but try to avoid vegan politics. Have failed in all attempts to follow a vegan diet however.

    We got cupcakes once at Whole Foods. Not very good. Whole Foods is not a place for dessert apparently.

    Happy (almost) Birthday!

    • I have run into too many self-righteous and holier than thou vegans who have turned me wayyyyyyyyyyy off. Plus, I actually do really love dairy way too much to ever consider it. Maybe, one meal a week.

      • Sweeter permalink

        ah, all the vegans i’ve come across haven’t been at all pushy or self-righteous. at least not that I’ve noticed.

        Dairy is definitely one of the big reasons I can’t do vegan. And eggs. I like eggs.

    • PS. I actually looooooove Whole Foods vanilla bean fruit cheesecake. But they didn’t have it last night.

  2. Wow, what gorgeous food! Isn’t it wonderful when it tastes as good as it looks?

    Sorry to hear that your key lime tart wasn’t in that category, because it sure looks pretty. Although getting a looks-worthy-but-isn’t food can be really instructive, too.

    And now I think I need to try a bolani.

  3. whoa! that was a whole lotta food porn! lol 🙂 YUM!

  4. bethany permalink

    YUM!! I want to go to Bocanova, so any time you want, I’m in!!!

  5. I hate half and half. Especially for tea. It tastes bitter to me. My best thing to drink in tea (or coffee) is soy milk. It’s a little sweet, and thick and creamy enough too. I can do cows milk but its not as sweet. Hmm that’s weird. A salad cone. Might be tasty. But I expect ice cream in a cone 🙂 happy birthday!!! The scallops and spinach look good! Lol actually it didn’t look like piles of food to me at all, for three people. I guess I eat a lot. 🙂 if youre getting dessert at wholefoods you should try the lemon bars theyre so yummy! We get those pretty often at my house. (don’t get the mango ones though theyre not that great). Also, the little lemon cakes are so good too..

    • Bitter tasting half and half? I wish I felt that way. I’m sure it would save me thousands of calories a month. But alas… I’m addicted.

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