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Day 36: Show Day Food

August 11, 2010

Monday was a long, crazy, intense day. Which began with coffee and a pumpkin bolani. I liked it being sort of sweet, like a warm breakfast pastry. YUM.

Went to work. Was craving a warm turkey sandwich from this sandwich place I went to a few months ago. When I got there I realized they not only have sandwiches, they have WRAPS (ie fewer carbs!). Crazily coincidentally, when I was there I ran into one of my co-performers! I had no idea he even worked near me. That was trippy. We got to exchange some nervous excited energy then I got a warm turkey/avocado/cheese wrap in a whole wheat tortilla. It was soooooooooooo good. I ate half.

Mid-afternoon, I really needed a coffee pick-me-up.  Here’s a cafe au lait along with one of the MOST WORTHY little sweets ever. A dark chocolate caramel with sea salt. OMG. Amazing. I had one. (you’ll see more about the other one later)

Had time for a quick-quick nap then rushed off to the theater. I knew I was gonna be hungry at some point and knew I needed something. Regretted leaving my delicious half turkey wrap in my office desk drawer (oops). (I called the receptionist to put it in the fridge until I return later in the week)

Went to Starbucks where I ran into ANOTHER co-performer (which was not quite as freakily coincidental since it was just a block from the theater). We both got this “protein box.” I ate a couple strips of chicken breast, some hummus and some carrot sticks and a few cherry tomatoes. I did not eat the cold pita bread or the icky looking celery. Considering the box said it was 250 calories, I think I ate about 150. At most.

The show happened. It was great! But a lot of adrenaline, anxiety, excitement, emotion. When it was over I was STARRRRRRRRRVVVVVVING. As is tradition with our solo performance group, about a dozen of us went across the street to Lori’s Diner after the show.

I ordered: veggie burger with grilled onions and cheddar cheese, with sweet potato fries. And I also nibbled on two of these crazy great onion rings.

That was all great. I felt like I indulged, but not in a crazy out of control way. In the past, I might have had mass quantities of fried food with a milk shake AND a shared dessert.

After all the hubbub and excitement had died down, and it was really late, and I was tired and feeling a little emotionally frayed, I remembered the 2nd dark salted caramel in my purse. Pop. It was still worthy. 🙂

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  1. emily permalink

    hilo! sorry if i missed it (maybe i’m not reading carefully enough!), but what was the performance?

    you’ve got me so curious about bolanis now! 🙂

  2. Emily – I do a solo performance show called “The Ice Cream Gene.” The first one was earlier this week but I’m doing it again two Sundays in September – info and tickets here!

  3. I used to eat wraps a lot at the end of college. I like them, but at the same time, I miss bread. Altho I like burritos and its basically the same. Yours looks good. Glad your show went good! Hmm those are tall onion rings lol.i love getting milkshakes with my burgers n fries, but most of the time I end up not doing it, cuz I know I wont have room.

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