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Day 37: Road Trip, on Caffeine

August 11, 2010

Last night my younger daughter got a phone call which was akin to a winning lottery ticket: an invitation to return to the camp where she earlier spent 3 weeks on their teen staff. This is both of my daughters’ true home away from home, the home of their heart. Our older girl is already there on the adult staff for the entire summer. Younger girl was bored and missing her sister, so when she got this surprise call with an opportunity to return for the final two weeks of summer, she LEAPED (leapt?) at it.

Which meant that someone had to drive her there first thing in the morning. That Someone would of course be me. It’s a 3.5 hour drive ONE WAY. I am not very good at driving more than three hours, period. That’s pretty much my limit. So I knew that mass quantities of caffeine would be in order.

Started the day with coffee (of course) and pumpkin bolani. (notice how I like repeating food that I enjoy?) Got on the road early, after too little sleep.  Stopped after about 2 hours for gas, more coffee and a snack. I had a few chews of teriyaki beef jerky.

Dropped her off around 11:30am. Turned around for the return trip. Stopped at the Bluebird Cafe for lunch. (oh, btw, my mom was with me) Good road food. We’ve stopped here on this trip many a time before. I had a grilled eggplant sandwich with roasted red peppers, goat cheese and sprouts.

Had to stop for some iced coffee before hitting the road again.

About an hour from home, I got hit by the MAJOR sleepies. Had to pull into a Burger King parking lot and nap in the back seat for 20 minutes. That revived me enough to get home.

Man, I was pooped. We had some mango chicken sausages for dinner (on whole wheat bun) plus some corn on the cob. We were going to have a salad too but I was just too tired to even open up the bag of lettuce. Zzzz.

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  1. thehungryscholar permalink

    I love your blog, but I love that you drink as much coffee as I do. 🙂

    Cannot wait to read more and get coffee recommendations!

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