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Day 39: Soupy Day

August 13, 2010

Today turned out to be a soupy day.

Of course it began with coffee.

Then I had a double fiber English muffin. I considered putting my usual peanut butter on it, but then I thought again. And I decided to go for a decidedly much-lower-point French Onion Laughing Cow cheese. It was really, really good. And much fewer points. Yay.

It was good, but not super filling. By the time lunchtime rolled around I was QUITE HUNGRY. Also feeling cold, so I went to my favorite place around the corner and got half a falafel pita and a cup of black bean soup. I also thumbed through Women, Food & God during lunch. I am planning to write a whopper “Battle of the Spiritual Eating Superstars” book review pretty soon, but I have to finish reading both this and Savor.

Mid-afternoon, I was definitely slumping. Big time. I went and got an iced coffee with a little chocolate caramel square on the side.

Note: I only ended up drinking half the coffee. But I did eat the whole chocolate square. 🙂

After working a full 8 hour day, I went to lead a WW meeting. Surprise surprise, my boss was there and ended up coaching me. Which consisted of a blow-by-blow recap of the meeting and all the myriad ways I could have done better. He was actually right on every count, BUT I was not expecting this (it’s SUPPOSED to happen that way) and my meeting was very small, and anyway… it was all helpful feedback. But when I left it was super late and I was so tired and hungry and COLD. I went and got some soup. It was just the kind of warm and comforting dinner I needed/wanted. Plus a lovely sweet plum. (see, I’m paying attention to Reinaldo, who commented yesterday I should be choosing fruit instead of ice cream! He’s right)

So.. another thing I started doing today was a return to official points tracking. You know I’d sort of kidding myself into thinking that food blogging with camera was as good as or the same as tracking, but you know, it’s just… DIFFERENT. It’s not the same. And I thought it would be total OVERKILL to be tracking those pesky points on TOP of taking all these pictures, but… you know?

Not the same.

So, just out of curiosity today I tracked every bite and guess what? I’ve been eating at maintenance level. Which is fine for maintaining. But it explains why I’m not LOSING which I was sort of wanting a little bit, too. So it’s good to figure these things out. Today I came out at 2 points over my daily target. Which is fine, to dip into my 35 extra points allowance. But it also ‘splained some things.

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  1. I can eat soup any day of the week, any time of year –

    so all in all would you say you’ll run meetings different now?

    • Run meetings different because of the feedback? I think the most important thing I need to remember is to LISTEN more and not be such a motor mouth.

    • Holy cow biz, I just found a TON of your comments – weeks worth – in my Possible Spam section! OMG! Thanks so much for all the comments even though they never showed up. I love all of your comments and appreciate them so much, even (especially) belatedly!

  2. I like reading your blog because it’s the only one where you’re repeatedly saying youre cold. Most people in blog land are in scorching hot summers, so I appreciate that you’re here with me, sticking through this coldness!

  3. I too have been photoblogging my food but I don’t think anything will ever take place of actual point tracking for me. It’s a must!

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