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Day 40: Pre-Birthday Caribbean Lunch!

August 14, 2010

Great day today. Great, great, great.

Started out with coffee.

Then had a fantastic workout. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks!! After the hot workout I wanted a cold breakfast. Fage yogurt with blueberries & walnuts.

Went to work. My wonderful co-workers and boss took me out to lunch at this fabulous Caribbean restaurant. We had sangria! Whoooooooo! And cornbread. Yum.

I ordered stuffed (with veggies, tofu and cornbread!) eggplant. Spicy! But good. I was mostly very excited about the plantains, which I LOVE. I love plantains so much. Even though I despise and abhor bananas. Strange, huh?

I didn’t eat the rice.

And they gave me this perfect, awesome, foodie-esque gift. Wow!

It was a little tough going back to work with two glasses of sangria in me. I was weaving a little on the sidewalk. Got a cup of coffee on the way back (unpictured).

While dinner was cooking: I got hungry and nibbled on some very nice cheddar cheese.

Dinnertime: grilled chicken breast, roasted sweet potatoes and piggy-head corn. 🙂

All in all, a good day. I’m really excited about tomorrow!!

Do you like Caribbean food?

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  1. your lunch looks SO good! stuffed eggplant yum!! i dont think ive ever tried carribean food but if that’s it, id def eat it. i like sangria, way better than wine. and i love cornbread. and eggplant. and rice. and plantains. plantains arent really bananas so it makes sense that someone could like one and not the other (i like both). love the pig corn holders 🙂

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