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Day 42: The Day After

August 16, 2010

We woke up at the hot springs place. They were serving a nice continental breakfast. A beautiful spread, really, and one of the nicest I’ve had at a hotel.

I am usually super wary of hardboiled eggs in restaurants because they are COLD and have that GREEN stuff around the yolk but these were beautiful, warm, just-boiled eggs. YUM. The fruit was fantastic. The yogurt was lovely. It was a great breakfast! (I did not photograph all the pastries, croissants and bagels that I did NOT put on my plate!)

We lolled around the pool in the morning then went to get some lunch.


Stopped at Bluebird Cafe, which is a cousin to the Bluebird Cafe my mom and I ate at last week. Again, great food. I had an apple-walnut chicken salad. Delicious. And very filling.

I also admit to grabbing three of my mother’s extremely large french fries.

Had to get on the road when highway drowsiness and major traffic made this pit stop necessary.

Guess what! I bought a package of those little shortbread cookies I am so fond of… and DIDN’T eat them!!!!!!! They are still in the car. 🙂

Got home. Not very hungry. Tired. This was my dinner:

thanks for the new addiction, @pubsgal!

and cup of tea.

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  1. why am I so so so drawn to that bowl of yogurt granola and nuts???

    my body demands it now 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! That sounds like a nice relaxing day at the pool there. I finally saw those kind bars youre always talking about at wholefoods on Friday while we were looking at dried fruit.

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