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Day 43: Snatched from the Jaws of a Binge

August 17, 2010

Today was a very intense and interesting day, foodwise. It started out normally enough.

double fiber English muffin with French Onion Laughing Cow Lite

But the problem was, I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I went to bed really late and got up unrested and so that was the wrong foot. It’s a Monday after a nice celebratory weekend. I went to work and the poor guy I had to work with was just a miserable soul in a lot of pain. I felt for him, and his pain leeched into me.

So by 11:30am I was just feeling terrible. Exhausted, cold (SO cold!), sad, lonely, (this is my not-so-social work place, as opposed to my super buddy workplace) and just DOWN. I began plotting all the ways I could comfort myself at lunchtime. I would take myself to this restaurant across the street that has ginormous portions of comfort food. I told myself I’d “forget” to bring my camera. YIKES.

But I was trying to be mindful. I was trying to recognize the fact that I was actively planning to use food for non-food distress. (even though hunger was part of the mix too) I teased it out in my head. I told myself, I could go to a soup place instead, and that way I could take care of cold, hunger and comfort all at once. That was a really good first step. Then I felt willing to bring my camera.

THEN I had a REAL stroke of genius. (ha!) I remembered that it was Monday, the only day of the week when Mr. McBody and I work about 2 blocks apart from each other. I texted him. “Lunch?” He had already eaten, but he said he’d come meet me. I waited on the street corner and man, I was never so happy to see someone. I really felt like he was literally saving me from a binge.

And it was like: OMG. I wanted comfort. And I got REAL LIVE human comfort. How fantastic was that!! He gave me the biggest hug. And all of a sudden I didn’t even need the soup. I was warm! I was loved!

We went to my favorite salad bar place and he sat with me while I ate my salad and listened to my woes and then gave me another big hug. And then I felt like I could make it through the afternoon.

I was still sleepy, though. So I got a coffee (unpictured) and a little chocolate square. Which didn’t feel bingey to me. Just, “I want something sweet.”

I went back to work and pretty much got through the afternoon. After work I went to Whole Foods and noticed they had soft shelled crabs. Now all of us (Mr M, my mom and I) all LOVE soft shelled crabs and order them out all the time. But I’ve never made them. Then I remembered  my birthday present: the Mark Bittman How To Cook Everything book! Surely soft-shelled crabs would be in there. I also bought a couple of portobello mushrooms stuffed with crab & shrimp.

I got home and voila! there were FOUR recipes for soft-shelled crabs. I made them with panko crumbs. OMG SO SO SO SO good. Just a few bites each. The stuffed portobellos were great too. Plus a glass of wine. And some salad. And cherries for dessert.

I was thinking of doing some kettlebell tonight. I was also thinking of going to do the cemetery workout. But I am soooo tired I think I just want to read a little and to to bed, and start a do-over in the morning.

Right now I am just marveling at the fact that I felt so very very terrible and did not end up turning to food for comfort. But instead turned to comfort for comfort. Wow.

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  1. those portabellos look so good maybe ill see if theyre at my wholfoods! hey i got an email about this kettleball workout and thought of you.

    glad youre feeling better! i get lonely some days at work too, esp when no one talks to me online.

  2. Hurrah for Mr. McBody! And hurrah for you, thinking your way out of a potential binge! (Your food today looks fantastic!)

    I get lonely at work, too. My job is fairly solitary, with coworker lunches few and far between. Bringing lunch from home helps me to mostly avoid the tempting options in my neighborhood, as do lunch time workouts or “walk-and-talk-on-the–phone” in the neighborhood on non-workout days.

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