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Day 44: More Home Food!

August 18, 2010

Today started out with the usual. This mug is from the middle school that my older daughter attended. It’s an amazing, inspiring and awesome place. Just read in today’s paper that one of her teachers from that school is now the headmaster at a brand-new school for boys. So excited for him and the kids who will flourish at this place.

I knew I was going for a run so I just had a little nibble of cheese before heading out.

It was a great run, the longest and best one I’d had in a while. It made me happy. When I got back I was not so hungry, so I waited a while and this ended up being my “brunch.” I splurged and had a WHOLE spinach bolani (woo-hoo!) since it was technically two meals.

Then I splurged some more because it was hot, and the bolani was spicy and I just felt like eating this:

Yum yum!

Mid-to late afternoon, I was hungry. Here was my snack. I was a little nervous because PB is SUCH a trigger food for me, but I managed to just eat what was on the plate.

Then it felt like an interminable wait until dinnertime because I waited too long to start and then I was out of onions and tomato paste, so I went to the store late, and well it just took forever. But it was worth it! A delicious dinner.

heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella & balsamic vinegar

Barefoot Contessa turkey meatloaf with mashed cauliflower

I HEART meatloaf. Especially this recipe. It’s so delicious!

What do you think of when you hear the world “splurge?”

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  1. Well, Susan. I’m taking wee baby steps in your direction, thanks to you!
    Yesterday, purely by accident, I found my Mac has a meal planner. I enter the meal, the calories, the fat grams and the calculations are done for me on a daily /weekly basis.
    I’m only at the stage of reading the labels of EVERYTHING,but I’m getting the hang of it and enjoying it.

    • Your Mac? You mean your computer??? Where did you find that? Awesome! I’m finding that Reading the Labels can be very illuminating.

  2. Yes, my computer.
    It was already installed, apparently, as part of the Excel package. It seems I don’t use much of my Mac’s potential, and I had no idea the Meal Planner was there. I found it when I was looking around for another application.
    It felt like Fate and I didn’t think I should just close the window.
    The labels are not as scary as I feared. I must be buying food with good labels…

  3. Your photos are great. We’re having the tomatoes w/ cheese tonight for dinner. What do you think of the idea of ‘splurge’? I find that it can be a good thing to do, but also dangerous for me..because for me I find it’s wrapped with guilt.

    Just wondering what you think of that.

    • What do I think of “splurge?” Hmm. That is such a good question. I think I don’t use that anymore. For example, I had ice cream and cake on my birthday. But I didn’t think of it as “splurging.” I just thought if it as “ice cream and cake, which I am enjoying” rather than “something I don’t normally do.” It has the same emotional weight as “juicy plum.” It’s just one thing I’ve photographed in my day.

      Does that make sense? I’ve never really thought of it in that way. I definitely USED to think of “splurge days” (Ha, usually the night after my WW weigh-ins!) but I just realized that I do not think in those terms anymore. Although a lot of what I eat would probably be considering splurging to other people (I’m writing this word so many times now it looks crazy, what a funny word). Fried food. Sweets. Cheese. To me, it’s all food.

      I like that. 🙂

      • omg! I just realized I used the word “splurge” when I wrote about eating a whole bolani instead of half. And if I were talking about it I definitely would have used air quotes. I did not at ALL mean “splurge” like I USED to define “splurge” – ie. “forbidden food I don’t normally eat.” I was just sorta using it casually.

        Now I’m totally tripping out on this word. It’s like “spelunking.” Ha!

      • Interesting. I don’t use the word splurge at all. In fact, it’s one of the words I hate. I really honestly don’t think of food in that kind of way. I read a food blog once where a girl ate a hamburger with some sides (beans? don’t remember) and she talked all about how it was a splurge but she enjoyed it so it was okay. I was thinking about how for me that was a normal meal – the idea of that being a splurge just made me feel like it’s a word I don’t want to be using for myself or in general.

        Sorry, that might not be totally on topic, but I hate the word. And possibly the idea. 😉

      • Also, I find it hilarious that you used the word splurge for a whole bolani. I mean, isn’t that like 100 calories total? LOL

      • LOL. Busted!!!!!

  4. OHH!! My MAC has a meal planner too! Thanks for mentioning this berkeleyscot!! I never knew about it!

    Eats look great Foodie! This was the first week that I did not buy any Bolani ( I froze some from last week!) PB is a trigger for me too. Any nut butters! I love that PB2- totally helps me prevent the dipping of the spoon, or fingers in the container. lol 🙂

  5. Mmm I like mashed cauliflower a lot but it gave both me and my roomie tummyaches both times we made it so we stopped making it. That tomato thing looks good. I only think of the word splurge on when I buy something expensive that are not strictly necessary (ie 2 bathing suits on one shopping trip for someone who lives in sf), but never on food. Those bolanis arent too filling, to me. I eat them as a side or snack. So many people with macs..i feel the need to show some love for my PC.. 🙂

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