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Day 46: Halvsies and Leftovers

August 20, 2010

Not a total thrill of a food day, but actually quite satisfying. Better than yesterday!

Started with coffee in this mug because I had high hopes for getting some good writing done. Alas, not as productive as I’d hoped.

Breakfast: I’m really trying to de-triggerify some of my trigger foods. One of which is peanut butter. Ie, like dealing with phobias, but in reverse. I’d say this was pretty successful. It relies on careful adherence to steps. Toast English muffin. Measure out PB. PUT AWAY JAR. Walk away until the toaster dings. Come back and spread PB. Take photos. Eat. The cherries were a nice chaser because they were sort of jam-ish but not jam. And they sort of closed the door on the peanut butter.

Ahh. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Well, it wasn’t what I’d call automatic, but it was manageable. And it sure did taste good. I love warm peanut butter.

I told myself I wouldn’t eat lunch until I was hungry. I didn’t get hungry until 2pm but by that time I was SUPER hungry. It’s such a fine line, you know? Not hungry… not hungry… not hungry…. RAVENOUS!

Anyway, I ended up eating halvsies: half a chicken apple sausage (because that’s how I found it;  I think Mr. McBody ate the other half for breakfast), half a spinach bolani and half an apple. It was a very satisfying lunch!

Right before my WW meeting, I needed a little snack to get me through. Darn these too-delicious KIND bars! I think this is my favorite flavor.

After the meeting I was, of course, hungry. I could have stopped at the place from last night for a do-over but I was still feeling sort of annoyed at them. (20 minutes to ladle a bowl of icky sour soup? NO)

Then I realized that I didn’t have any camera with me aside from my iPhone. I didn’t want any stinkin’ phone picture, I wanted a REAL camera. So I opted to eat at home. (THANK YOU food blog! for helping me make this good choice!)

I called home to check out my options. Mr. McBody said that there was half a leftover chicken quesadilla that my mom didn’t finish from earlier. I thought that sounded pretty good. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a basket of sliced mini-portobello mushrooms, just on a weird whim. (I HAD actually just delivered a WW meeting about the value of “filling foods” like vegetables!)

Came home. Heated up the quesadilla and sauteed the mushrooms with like a teaspoon of olive oil and some cut up onions. SO SO SO GOOD. I added some sundried tomato bolani sauce and a sprinkle of grated cheese.

WOW what a good dinner. And soooooooooo satisfying! Hooray for Filling Foods! and for eating at home AGAIN.

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  1. Mary Catherine permalink

    Hey, Susan: I thought of your lovely foodblog when I saw this photo from Jennifer McCann’s Vegan Lunch Box blog.

    Sometime in the future, I’d love a peek at your fridge or your pantry.

    Jennifer’s photo essays include interesting cups and containers, much like yours do.

    • Oh my. Looking at her fridge and those little labeled, individual oatmeal packets made me start.. hyperventilating. Trust me, you do NOT want a peek at my fridge OR my pantry. You’d get the scare of your life. Um, no, not ready for prime time. EEK!

  2. What is spinach bolani?

    Peanut butter is one of my trigger foods too.

    Choosing to eat at home is really the betterway to try and eat right anyway. It’s the only way you know exactly how your food is prepared and what goes into it.

  3. Is your iphone camera that bad? I quite like my phone camera, but then again I have a droid incredible. Its surprisingly good.

  4. I think if I blogged from a real camera instead of my iphone, I wouldn’t be posting my eats. 😉

    I think I need to try bolanis. (Would serve me right if I got hooked on them, eh?) Are the pumpkin ones any good? The spinach ones sure look tasty.

    • Well, one of my little “real cameras” is the exact same size as my phone, but I think it’s better quality.

      YOu must try bolanis!!!!!!! Come up to my house someday and I will make you a bolani feast, OR let’s meet at a farmers’ market and get a ton of free samples! (they are crazy generous; you could make a meal out of their samples)

      The pumpkin ones are FABULOUS (and the lowest point) and a little sweet (not overly). But I almost always have them for breakfast because they remind me of warm breakfast pastry…. Mmmmmmm… and the spinach one are perfect and savory good. I eat them all the time.

      I’ve realized my least fave is the lentil. I have not tried their very popular potato ones, because it’s basically carbs wrapped in carbs.

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