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Day 48: Oatmeal, Best Panini Ever, Vegi Chips!

August 22, 2010

Started with the usual. I found this coffee cup way in the back of one of my top cabinets. I love this cup -it’s over 25 years old! – and it has the most perfect thumb-rest. I have another one in blue, but it’s chipped. The brand has long worn off but if anybody can identify the brand of this cup, I’m dying to get more. It’s truly one of the most comfortable cups I own.

Later in the morning, running errands, I had the breakfast I’d been dreaming of.

I still don’t know what makes that stuff so good. It’s ridiculous.

Got my hair cut. Don’t like it. I feel I look like a mushroom. Or this.

By this time it was around 2pm. I went to this cafe that used to be a coffee shop. It is confusing because it has the same name. But instead of the wall board with all the menu items, it’s blank. And there’s a woman standing there saying, “This is a restaurant.” OH. I was about to walk out, thinking, this is wayyy too fancy for a quick lunch, but I peeked at their menu and it looked good AND I was hungry, so I decided to stay.

Oh my. I ordered an eggplant panini. It can come with greens OR “baked root vegetable chips” and…. hm… guess what I ordered?

They did not, ahem, taste particularly “baked.” But they were delicious. Spicy and crunchy and MMM. I think the vegies were turnips and parsnips and…??

And the panini was, I swear, one of the BEST SANDWICHES I have ever had in my life. No joke. I was rolling over in ecstasy. It was soooooo good! Eggplant grilled perfectly (not too thick, or spongey, or anything: perfect), arugula, mozzarella and pesto. OMG. Wow. So good.

Worthy food! Worthy worthy worthy! After that, I was feeling in a very… happy mood. I decided to stop in the local chocolate shop and get a mini truffle. (notice I am trying very hard not to say “splurge” here)

It was certainly very pretty.

I popped it into my mouth, and… blech! Ick! Ugh! It tasted like wax. Or something. It just wasn’t…. delicious. And you know what I did???

I spit it back into the bag! I was like, NO WAY am I going to waste 3-4 points or whatever on a truffle that tastes bad!

I think that is the first time in my life that I ever spit out a piece of chocolate. For real. It just was not worth it to me.


Came home. Did a bunch of stuff. Made dinner.

turkey puttanesca sauce w Dreamfields spaghetti

Very satisfying. Now it’s time to continue with tasks, paying bills, PACKING. I’m afraid this foodblog is going to be quiet for a week or so. My research tells me not only is there no Internet where I’m going, there’s no cell phone reception either. Yikes! But I will be taking all the cameras and look forward to having lots to share when I return. See you on the other side, all!

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  1. zomg! i had that SAME EXACT mug when i was in college!!! (yes, like 20 years ago). I am afraid, though, that I do not remember the maker, either. I thought it might be fiesta, but it can’t be. I don’t even remember where I bought it, but clearly you and I were shopping in the same places 20 years ago.

    Have a GREAT trip. It’s an amazing place. There’s no internet or cell reception in the park, though there is access outside of the park. Enjoy!!!

  2. Just saw the name of the restaurant that you got that Panini from and the logo- we have a Metro with the same exact logo here in Lafayette. Wonder if it is the same restaurant? If so, they have the best food! YUM! That looked delicious! I am salivating. lol

    I will miss your posts, but have a great vacation! I look forward to seeing & hearing about it soon!


    • Yes, it IS the same restaurant! Only it’s in Oakland. The silly thing is, it used to be a coffee shop and now it’s a sit-down restaurant with menus, but it looks exactly the same from the outside, so people get confused. I think they need a gigantic GRAND OPENING banner.

  3. cute mug!! that sandwich looks yummy! and i love your dinner photos! no internet or cell phone reception for a week? i couldnt last!!! have fun tho!

  4. Pasta is one of my favourite meals of all time. I don’t why I love it, but I do.

    And grilled sandwiches taste a hundred times better than a non-grilled sandwich.

    Sorry to hear about the bad-tasting chocolate. That is saddening indeed!

  5. Mmmm vegetable chips!

  6. I’m not a fan of eggplant usually, but that sandwich looks totally amazing!!!


  7. I am not a huge fan of eggplant, but that does look delicious!!

    I’ve made parsnip chips in my deep fryer – I should try to bake them next time!

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  8. AnnB permalink


    The panini looks incredible. The chocolate looks like a grape tootsie pop.

  9. Suzanne permalink

    We got mugs like that 25 years ago at peets coffee. I have looked for them everywhere but never found them again.

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