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Day 57: fresh fresh fresh fresh

September 1, 2010

So ecstatic to get back to fresh, amazing, California produce! I went to the farmers’ market my first day back and loaded up on 20 lbs of fresh stuff. (and hiked back with it, 2 miles uphill!) It’s incredible how much I craved good fresh stuff after all that vacation food. Ahhhhh!

breakfast: pumpkin bolani with fresh peaches!

lunch: heirloom tomato/avocado salad w balsamic & mozzarella

snack: cherries

dinner: roasted salmon & broccoli

Ahhh, that felt good.

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  1. that looks great! 20 lbs of farmers market! wow! our farmers market is too pricey for me to do that.. i do want to get some peaches soon though. i miss the farmers market in boston where i could buy 2 large grocery sacks of food for under $10 and have enough to last 2 weeks for 2 people! here, that would cost me over $100.

  2. YUM to it all! I love a fridge full of fresh produce- makes me happy! 🙂

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