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The Week of Overdoing It

September 18, 2010

So dear readers, the last time you saw me I was eating mass quantities of cookies. I’ve been either too busy or too tired to blog since then so here’s a quick recap of this week.

The next day, I was craving vegetables big time.

But also craved ice cream. Gelato place across from work had the most amazing coffee chip. Mmm.

Next day: Daughter passed her driving test. She wanted to go to Bakesale Betty’s to celebrate. Fried chicken sandwich and strawberry shortcake! I tried to be “moderate” by getting the fried chicken SALAD instead. Ha ha. And I ate about 2 bites of her strawberry thing, which was divine.

Went to work and had a coffee break. They had these amazing nut snacks that I had never had before. Spicy! and so so good.

That night, our neighborhood was having a joint neighborhood pizza party. There was salad and a lot of gourmet pizza.

I had 3 slices. And 2 glasses of wine. Oops.

We had a fire on the front porch, which we hadn’t done in a few years. Which was really nice.

The next morning:

No, an oatmeal cookie is not the same as oatmeal.

Lunch: I need greeeeeeeeeeeeeens!!!

mini fennel tart

Dinner: went out with my WW BFF whom I hadn’t seen in EONS. (we’ve both been away)

chicken sukiyaki pot

Next day: work lunch. Hot food bar.

SUPER long work day. Got home at 8:30pm, made turkey/avo panini.

Yesterday: chicken salad sandwich with no mayo. Grapes. And iced black tea.

As per daughter’s request, made chicken pot pie for dinner.

So that was my week. I have a lot to SAY about it, but no time because I am about to go out on my first 10k ever. Much needed. I’m not nervous because I’m not gonna run a lot of it. I have no toenail and a wobbly ankle. So whatever happens, happens.

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  1. oohh Bake sale Betty’s! I told myself NO. I have never been. lol Maybe it is for the best. πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having fun at your 10K this AM! πŸ™‚ yuck to the toenail! 😦

  2. hope your run went well. a lot of good looking food there! except that chicken salad..not really for me. im hungry..seeing all this food..i didnt eat enough today! oops!

  3. I left you some love on my blog!

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