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Trying Something New: Mobile Foodblogging

September 22, 2010

I’ve been teetering on the brink of falling off the foodblogging wagon lately, and this has been upsetting. I think it’s really, really a good practice in so many ways, but during and after our vacation, it just got unwieldy and overwhelming. Not the picture-taking at all (I continue to do that pretty regularly), but the uploading and the cords and the cameras.

But I’ve definitely noticed a correlation between no foodblog = not so good “off camera” eating. SO. I am newly determined. Yesterday I tried an experiment: I took all my pictures with my (new) iPhone4, whose camera is 100x better than the old one. So I am satisfied with the picture quality. It’s not high art, and not as good as the “big camera,” but it’s fine. Then I uploaded my pictures on the go, using the WordPress app also on my phone.

It worked!!!!

I’m not going to be able to post long narratives, and the commentary may end up being more Twitteresque or haiku-like, but at this point I think it is better than nothing. So this week I am going to commit to 100% foodblogging, with or without commentary. I’m just gonna DO it.

Because I think it’s good. I think it works. I think it helps me be mindful and conscious about my food. And I know that the further I stray from my camera, the less mindful I am.

Meanwhile, here are a few highlights from days when I just couldn’t get it together.

after the 10K: portobello-cheddar scramble with avocado

also after the 10k. So refreshing.

olive bread: ate wayyy too much of this during photo shoot

I'm seriously in love with the Better Oats RAW Bare cereal

So here we go. New page. Wish me luck.


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  1. sounds like a good idea. i know that with blogger, you can email in posts, and i think i can also post photos directly from my phone too (i have a droid not an iphone). for something like this, it would be way more convenient. those top eggs look good!

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