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Road Trip!

September 30, 2010

I went on a road trip with my co-workers on Sunday and Monday. We’re scoping out a new site for our family camp.

quiche, fruit, oatmeal

The first place treated us to their hot buffet breakfast. Nice choices! I was happy with fruit, a little piece of quiche and some oatmeal. I also got a little bowl of yogurt but it had sugar in it so I did not eat.

Car snack:

Lunch at Pangea restaurant in Quincy, CA. Yummy.

portobello mushroom sandwich, quinoa salad YUM

Complementary chocolate. Yum.

We stopped for dinner at Ikeda’s. I made some, err, unconventional choices here because I absolutely adore Ikeda’s and right now I only go every year or so. I ordered some of my “old time” favorites, for nostalgia’s sake.

teriyaki chicken sandwich w grilled onions

my absolutely favorite kind of onion rings

I know it wasn’t the ideal dinner but man, it tasted good.

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  1. im not a big onion ring person, but those ones look really good!

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