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New Dutch Oven! Pot Roast! Yum!

October 21, 2010

Back to the food blogging!

So, I’ve decided to focus on the food and leaving off the morning coffee. I don’t generally photoblog every glass of water I drink. Just take it for granted that EVERY morning, I start it out with a mug of hot coffee with half and half. No sugar. That’s it. They pretty much all look like this.

I just had a small piece of Ak-Mak cracker with some peanut butter before going out to work out this morning. I forgot to take a picture. (oops!)

After coming back, I had a beautiful piece of pumpkin bolani with garlic-cheese on top. SO good. Like a toasted pumpkin pastry. Delicious. Man, I love bolanis.

A while after that, I was still a bit hungry so I had a couple of… tomatoes!

dry farmed Early Girls

I am going to be so sad when these little babies aren’t available anymore. They are SO GOOD.

I was very excited about dinner because last week, I got my very first Dutch oven. I’ve wanted one forever but finally decided to go for it. It’s an inexpensive ($49 including free shipping) Lodge. Isn’t it pretty? It also weighs about a metric ton.

My first recipe was something that somebody recommended on Twitter: Cooking Light’s Classic Pot Roast. I had bookmarked that a while ago in anticipation of this day.

It took a long time to cook, so I threw it all in the oven and ate it when I got home from WW. It was delicious! and it was almost all gone, so I think it was a hit with the fam as well.

After dinner, I had some trail mix from JFK airport that I’d bought for my trip, but didn’t eat on the plane. It hit the spot.

I’m going to bed just a little hungry tonight. I’d saved up my points for the pot roast, but didn’t end up eating a huge portion. But that’s fine.

Do you have a Dutch Oven? What’s your favorite recipe you make with it?


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  1. Oooh, pretty! I have a Dutch oven and use it mostly for roasts and cassoulet.

  2. I love the mug.

    I love the pumpkin bolini’s.

    I have always called the big pot that comes with a set of pots and pans the Dutch Oven. We use ours for a lot of things . . . .hummingbird food is one.

    Oh, I need to go look up that recipe.

  3. I wish my picky BF would eat pot roast. I gotta get my Mom to cook me foods like that. lol I have a dutch oven but use it mostly on the stove top for every day stuff.

    mmm bolani! 🙂

  4. Im sorry, but whenever I hear the words “dutch oven” I laugh. LOL. Yep, im immature. 🙂

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