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Oatmeal, Salad, Pot Roast and.. Choo Choo!

October 22, 2010

Not the most thrilling food day ever, but, whatever! I ate. Here it is.

Started with my beloved Better Oats oatmeal (I love it!) with craisins and almonds. YUM.

Lunch was salad bar at place near my work. I was working with a colleague yesterday, an uncommon thing. (I’m usually alone) She looked at my salad container and said, “You don’t eat very much.” I was sort of taken aback. Inexplicably, I said, “I have chicken in here,” and pointed out some little chicken chunks among the other stuff. She said, “Oh, okay!!” as if that were a satisfying explanation. It made me think, what was THAT all about! And I wondered if it fell into “No More Fat Talk” week. I was sort of scratching my head. People don’t usually comment on my food. On the other hand, she seemed nonplussed that I took a picture of my “not very much” food. Ha!

My job was an actual workout yesterday! I’m training to do these assessments where I have to physically assess whether a person can do a job they’ve been offered. Yesterday we tested out the Railroad Worker assessment. It was HARD. I failed every test. It’s a good thing it’s not my dream to become a railroad worker. Here I am trying not to fall off the “train.”

LONG day. Led my last Thursday-night WW meeting for a while (sob!). A bunch of smaller meetings are being consolidated and mine is one of them. I’m really going to miss them.

Got home. Leftover pot roast (YUM) and a WW mini bar. Chocolate pretzel is my fave.


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  1. wendy permalink

    Hi…delurking here a minute…. 🙂

    You know, yesterday I wanted to comment because I am constantly amazed by how little you eat. I didn’t comment in the end because it’s your journey and you’re in control of it. But yet, I am interested. I’ve often wondered why you eat so little. (Nice food, to be sure, but not much of it.)

    I mean, you are tiny and surely doing maintenance eating by now? Yet you eat waaaay less than I do – I am on 19 points a day and I eat a lot. Yes, lots of fruit, veg and salads – lots more than you do, but still, my meals just look more …um…substantial than yours. And I consistently lose 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 pounds a week. (I do cycle 3 or 4 times a week too but not madly – about 40min each time.)

    So seeing as your colleague also noticed your meals are small, I thought I’d ask…..are you on maintenance or are you still trying to lose? Do those portions satisfy you? Or do you feel a but hungry after?

    • Wendy, thanks for delurking! And for your concern! I think I do eat “nice food” and what may look like a small amount is actually quite a few points. That salad yesterday was a good amount – a large takeout container – and I use a fair amount of full-fat salad dressing (can’t do nonfat!) and cheese and beans and chicken. It was probably a 8-10 point salad!

      Some days I am also surprised by how little I’m eating. Mostly it has to do with being super busy. I eat way more on weekends and it definitely evens out. I’m not losing weight, I’m maintaining as I have for the past 16 months. And I DO feel satisfied. Some days I feel hungry, but most often not. I think it’s not really reprentative because I haven’t been photoblogging every day but this motivates me to keep being consistent with the photo blog so that you (and others) can see how my days really fluctuate.

      Portion control is one of the things that has really changed since my “before” days. I used to be in love with giant plates of food, and often going back for seconds or thirds. It was the last thing to “go” when I changed my habits.

      And I also think my colleague was being really… I don’t know how to describe it, because I’m pretty sure her plate was exactly the same size as mine.

  2. I hate when people comment on what I eat (one reason I don’t make a food blog like this) but of course, people do, and its always along the lines of either noting how I have/am eating A LOT, or, that I shoulnt be eating what I’m eating because it’s got lots of calories (even if its something healthy) or ‘bad’ (aka a muffin, dessert, or even, according to my nail ladies, thanksgiving dinner). It really pisses me off!! Grr! Lol. I don’t know if I’d personally get upset about someone commenting that I was eating A LITTLE but the rule of if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, should apply to food. “Wow that food looks yummy!” is ok but most other stuff is not. I try to follow that when I comment on food blogs, although you are putting yourself out there more for comments on something like this, than any of us in real life (including you getting lunch with your coworker)..
    Oh, your work looks fun!

  3. PS. I should also mention that I had some half and half in my oatmeal AND I had a big cup of (unpictured) coffee (more half and half) mid-afternoon. Not terribly nutritious, but also explains why I am not wasting away! LOL

    • For some reason ive never been a half and half person, it tastes bitter to me. weird, becuase most people really like it. im definitely a soy milk girl!

  4. wendy permalink

    Oh dear. Sorry if I ruffled feathers.I was not being critical. I was genuinely interested in why Foodie eats what I consider to be small amounts of food. It puzzled me, that’s all, and as I do WW too, (albeit in the UK, and things seem slightly different to the USA), I wanted to know the ‘mechanics’ of her meals.

    I am a (currently-at-home) chef and cook all my food myself from scratch, and know a zillion little tricks to cut points and still maintain maximum flavour, so I know I can eat slightly bigger portions and still lose weight at a healthy rate.

    Anyway, thanks for your response.

    • You didn’t ruffle my feathers, Wendy! I think it’s always fascinating to see what/how much other people eat. I’d love to see YOUR food blog becaues I am endlessly interested in what other people to do “make it work.” An at home chef! (sighing with envy)

      • wendy permalink

        Yes – I’ve been thinking of blogging again – I do photograph most of my meals anyway, and then stick the pictures in my iPhoto library as a reference for days when I feel lazy or uninspired.

        I’m going away to France next week (with my points calculator…eek!) but when I return in early November I think I’ll take you up on that and start a food blog again.

        You are very inspiring Foodie – and this photo blog is one of my favourites. I missed it when you were so busy you trailed off for a while.

    • No, i wasnt talking about you i didnt even read your comment till after i wrote mine lol. i was just referring to her coworker making that comment at lunch and her asking if that falls into the no more fat talk week. 🙂 So i was expressing how i feel when the same sort of situation happens to me. as i said, when its on a food blog, its different from real life, but even on these things i just err on the side of caution, just cuz of my own weird hangups. 🙂
      A chef is an awesome job!

  5. Jumping in . . . totally NOT related to the food part (what?), but I am fascinated by the job assessment part. I have seen more and more job post that state things like, “must be able to . . . . .stand, lift, bend, etc.” so I am thinking that a lot of people don’t realize what certain jobs entail AND that employers end up with a lot of people that cannot PHYSICALLY do the job. So that there are machines that assess this stuff is facsinating to me.

    Your food blog often just makes me hungry. 🙂

    • Terre, that’s my new other job! Physically determing what people can and can’t do, workwise. For some people, it’s figuring out if they can go back to their original job after an injury, and for others, it’s figuring out if they can physically do a job they were hired for. This railroad getup is a trip!

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