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Chocolate! Chocolate! (and chicken)

October 24, 2010

Wellll, I didn’t eat breakfast. My bad. I just got distracted (again) and then it was too late so I just had a brunchy kind of lunch.

Half a pumpkin bolani, some carrot sticks and hummus. I tried the hummus on the bolani and… blech! So I added a little dollop of garlic yogurt cheese after I took this picture.

Went for a bracing and wonderful 5k walk in the RAIN with my WW BFF. Yay! We discussed our upcoming Chocolate Social at Weight Watchers next week.

I had this snack in the car after our walk.

For dinner, I made Jamie Oliver’s Chicken with Milk recipe, which several people have enthusiastically (no, passionately) recommended to me over the years, but which I have not been able to make sans Dutch oven. It DID make the chicken meat unbelievably tender and juicy, but it was a tad bland. I did have two helpings.  With rice. Yum yum. We also had a very nice salad.

It was full of these amazing soft giant cloves of garlic which were sooooooo good.

After dinner, I momentarily forgot about my after-dinner baking task and I had two Mallomar cookies. I have quite a history with these cookies, which I won’t go into now, BUT I have written a poem about Mallomars, and essay about Mallomars, and I am currently working on a solo performance piece that features Mallomars. Trivia point: how many of you know that Jean Nidetch (WHO? The founder of Weight Watchers!!) loved Mallomars and she used to hide them in her clothes dryer. In fact it was her obsession with these cookies that drove her to start WW.

But one of the highlights of the evening was this: a glass of whole milk over ice, which is something I might prefer over even a milkshake. I adore milk, and whole milk is the best of the best, and I love it icy icy icy cold. But I rarely drink it these days. There was some leftover from the chicken dish, so I had this as part of my dessert. It was almost better than the Mallomars.

After dinner, I made a batch of peanut butter mini chocolate cupcakes (WHOA! Yes, I was on a roll) for my upcoming Weight Watchers chocolate social event. (I am so excited about this) I decided I needed to test it out to see if they taste good, before actually bringing them to WW members. I think they passed the test. Slightly dry. I am considering adding some applesauce, and also cutting down on the baking time. They LOOKED done way before the timer went off. But they were truly good. I ate one and packed the rest up for my mom to take to church in the morning.

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  1. A chocolate social event? That sounds fun/yummy!
    I don’t drink plain cows milk, but sometimes at work I will drink soymilk over ice, with some splenda in it. It tastes really desserty because being iced thickens it.

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