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Better Sporadic Than Never?

November 20, 2010

So as all of you (two) readers must have noticed, posting here has dropped off as in lemmings off a cliff. I’ve just been working insane hours, more than I have in my adult life, and I have not had the time nor energy to post my food. I am still taking my photos 90% of the time, but as for the uploading and cord-finding and writing and linking, well………. uh. Not so much.

I’ve decided not to shut this blog down, but to surprise my readers with posts every now and then, and when I have something to say. Nobody needs to see a parade of endless mugs of coffee, do they? But sometimes I DO eat things, and they are either so blogworthy I just have to mention them. Because they are delicious or strange, or because I made some kind food choice that is remarkable (to me, anyway).

Here are a few highlights since I’ve been here last.

Yesterday I went to the hippiest grocery store I’ve ever been in. It makes Whole Foods look like NPR. Anyway, they had this great vegan hot-food bar and I got a beautiful snack of two kinds of eggplant, brown rice and quinoa. And heaps of self-satisfaction. 😉

Oh. Just when I said “no more mug photos” I realize I have to post this. It mysteriously appeared in my kitchen cabinet. It makes me laugh no end. Maybe it came from Junior. I have no idea. I just love it. What does it mean???

I had some of this irresistable jam in my oatmeal this morning. YUMBERRIES. For real!

Okay, now here’s a story. Anyone who knows me know that I have a terrible weakness for macaroni and cheese. I LOVE IT. So a few weeks back I was really, really hungry. I found myself at a Wolfgang Puck fast foodie kind of restaurant. I ordered a salad (also ordered below) but I was sooooooooo longing for that mac and cheese. I paced around that counter like a shark for about 15 minutes before I ordered. I ordered the mac and cheese.

And guess what. It was not all that. I ate about 3 forkfuls and it just was not sending me into paroxysms of ecstasy. So what you see here, dear readers, is what I LEFT on the plate. I LEFT THIS! UNEATEN!

Can I have about ten bravo stars, please? Because this was a huge breakthrough for me. It was GOOD mac and cheese but it just was not GOOD ENOUGH.

The salad, on the other hand, was wonderful.

Did I show you my insanely large bowl o’hummus topped with eggplant? MMMMMMMMMMMM. Considering that we normally measure hummus in tablespoons rather than VATS, this is a gigantic portion. I ate about 1/3 of it and then waddled out.

Totally worthy treat: pumpkin cupcake from the Cupkates Truck. Made me SO happy.

“First Date Soup” (which I made for Mr. Mcbody on our first date, in 1982!) aka Moosewood cookbook Spinach soup. SO GOOD. And quite the aphrodisiac.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

How about you? What’s the most memorable thing you’ve eaten this week?

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  1. I love your EATS! 🙂 YUM!

  2. We didn’t! Tom showed up and I was in bed most of last Sunday. 😦 Damn him! lol

    I feel the NEED for some hummus….lol We gotta go!

    • Please tell me when you want to go and I’ll meet you there in a jiffy. It’s three minutes from my house!

  3. What grocery store is that? Is it somewhere in oakland? I have eaten yumberries. Actually, yumberry juice from wholefoods. Who could see something called yumberries and not want to try it? The juice was good, but not SO good that those berries deserve that name. I like some other berries better. Like strawberries. Those def don’t taste like straws. They should be yumberries instead. That hummus looks good. Hmm I cant really remember what I ate this past week so I don’t suppose any of it was that memorable. Maybe the most memorable would be what I ate yesterday, since it just happened. I had a plantain black bean burrito from little chihuahua, which dish has won awards and is very tasty. The only bad thing is that about ten minutes after I eat it, I always get hungry again. Also memorable were the few bites of the pineapple upside down cake my roomie made last nite. It’s my family’s from scratch recipe and it was good, though a teency bit overcooked because he fell asleep and I forgot it was in the oven.

  4. LOL! It’s in Marin County.

    • you can tell i never really get out of SF. thats what happens with no car… 🙂

  5. healthyem permalink

    i actually love your mug shots (get it…mug shots…oh man, i’m so funny). you have such interesting cups/dishware!

  6. thinking about you
    thinking about you
    thinking about you
    thinking about you
    thinking about you
    thinking about you

  7. Tabby permalink

    That hummus makes me long for the eggplant dip – or babaganoush – at a local restaurant I had forgotten about. Maybe I’ll make a date for lunch there soon.

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