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Surprise! Food Blog!

December 19, 2010

So I haven’t been here in a long time. But recently I realized that some of my eating habits were getting a little… sloppy. And I realized that I probably would not be making some of the same choices if I were still food blogging. One day last week I decided to resume with the picture taking even if I knew I wouldn’t have time to post a blog.

Here’s some stuff I ate/photographed/noticed:

fish tacos from place near work

one package = 6 PPV

This is an example of something I would not have eaten or chosen if I were “actively” food blogging. But I did eat it. I chose to eat half a package which was 3 PPV. But.. hmmm.

Moosewod Gypsy soup

This soup is so awesome and comforting. I think I ate it 3x last week.

Satsuma orange

I’m eating tons of these. Zero points and so so good.

tomato-onion scramble

I got to work early one day last week, and the nice lady at the lunch counter made me breakfast.

fancy tea sandwiches

I went to a fancy holiday tea last week and boy was it yummy. They also had a gorgeous arrangement of fruit.

tangerines, blackberries, pomegranate seeds

required to wear fancy hats

So that’s the highlights of this week. There have been a fair number of holiday celebrations and I am managing to hold my own.

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  1. fancy holiday tea sounds fun!

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