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Best Christmas Breakfast Ever

December 26, 2010

We have been pretty lazy when it comes to Christmas breakfast. Lazy, and traditional. We pop open a couple cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and that’s our breakfast. I wanted BETTER this year and we got it.I wanted something nice and proteiny and easy and healthy. Thanks to the awesome Kalyn’s Kitchen site I found these Mexican Baked Eggs. They were perfection. Incredibly delicious AND easy. My only regret is we didn’t have any tortillas sitting around. Ah well. Next year!

Then our budding baker, Juniorette, offered to make homemade cinnamon rolls instead of the instant kind. WOW. She used the recipe from this book, which she has been making incredible goodies from ever since last Christmas. They were breathtakingly amazing! We are never going back to Pillsbury!

just out of the oven

drizzly goodness


Mr McBody says "Yum!!"

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  1. Baking is a great skill to have. Our young neighbour , probably about the same age as your young bakes, brings us platefuls of her home made shortbread when she’s home from college. They’re fresh from the oven and we never let them get cool, never mind cold.

  2. looks yummy!

  3. Those Mexican baked eggs look so good!! Might have to try that one 🙂

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