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macaroni & cheeeeeeeeeze

….is one of my all time favorite dishes. I crave it, I long for it, I love it, but I don’t eat it very often because it just isn’t very health-friendly. Today, Juniorette asked me very nicely if I would make her some “from-scratch” mac and cheese. She had just diligently completed a 2.5 hour practice SAT test all on her own accord. I was proud of her. I was also feeling rather under the weather and battling a sore throat. I thought we both deserved something comforting and nice.

We enjoyed every single bite. It was pretty much the only thing I ate all day, other than half a dozen Cutie tangerines.

Sometimes you just need a plate of comfort.

I got the recipe here.

  1. yum. my favorite.


    Ode to the lovely dish…. We will miss you…..

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