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Day 3: More Starbucks, and Chicken/Kale



More Starbucks coffe & oatmeal. Are we sensing a pattern this week?

20140829-133608-48968867.jpgLunch came from food trucks outside my office. 1/4 Rotisserie chicken was SO GOOD. Also roasted potatoes and incredibly delicious kale salad.

IMG_6524Vietnamese iced coffee: an afternoon pick-me up




Day 2: Starbucks & Sea Bass

20140828-090215-32535083.jpgStarbucks Capuccino & Perfect Oatmeal. Oops, a little too late.



Record-breaking FIVE meetings today. Lunch on the run: more Starbucks. Greek yogurt with honey and crunches.

20140828-194713-71233393.jpgDying for veggies & protein. Carrots & cheese dressing.

20140828-194714-71234309.jpgIncredibly delicious sea bass with tequila lime rub, avocado and lime. MMMM.

20140828-194715-71235169.jpgHandful of cherries for dessert.



Here we go again!!!

20140827-112452-41092036.jpg2 hard boiled eggs


20140827-162201-58921248.jpg2 small wedges dark chocolate (almost said no to this but then decided to go ahead and was glad I did. I enjoyed)


20140827-162316-58996696.jpgcoffee with cream

20140828-073331-27211699.jpgblack plum

20140828-073330-27210754.jpgpenne pasta w veggies

Observations from today: I didn’t eat enough throughout the day. Suddenly the picture taking made me self conscious. So by the time I got home from work at 8:15pm I was STARVING. Ate a large bowl of pasta. Tomorrow: eat more regularly.

However, it was interesting. I do think overall I made much better choices. I was conscious of each bite. I enjoyed what I ate.

No Time. No Words. Just pictures.

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Cookies. Oops.

Started out the day pretty well. Whole Wheat English muffin with some PB2. PB2 is an amazing peanut butter that is only ONE PPV per two tablespoons! Amazing!

Today was the 2nd day of the art class I took. Yesterday there was a big bowl of cutie tangerines. I had two. Today, there were no tangerines. Somebody brought a big container of homemade molasses cookies. ARGH. I had one. Then another. I probably had five. Damn it.

One of the Weight Watchers “helpful habits” is to “control your environment.” Well today my environment controlled me.

At least I had a good lunch.

Soon I’m going out with Mr. McBody and will update later. I wish I’d brought my own tangerines and had skipped those cookies!

A Fowl Day

Ha ha. I call it a “fowl day” because I had eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch and turkey meatloaf muffins (darn! unpictured!) for dinner. Lotsa poultry!

For some reason my coffee cup (believe me, you’ve seen it before) did not come through. For breakfast I made a red onion/portobello scramble with a little sprinkle of cheddar cheese on top. It was SO GOOD.

Junior and I took a class together today and we went out to lunch to an Indian chaat cafe. I had a tandoori chicken plate. I had about 75% of this chicken and half a round of naan. SO GOOD. Also a little bit of the dal to dip it in.

During the workshop I had two cuties (tangerines) for snacks. So refreshing. I also had 2 squares of low-carb dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s.

For dinner, I made turkey meatloaf muffins (2 PPV each!) and pureed cauliflower (1 PPV). It was delicious but sadly I did not remember to photograph. They were so cute too! For dessert we had Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bars (3 PPV). Excellent.

Back to Foodblogging. Because it works.

I haven’t food blogged here in many months. Not doing it has made me realize how very helpful it is. As of today I am back!

It became very clear to me recently that something needs to change up. I wouldn’t say I was in a rut, but I was in a something – some unhelpful habits, so to speak. I noticed myself eating more and differently than I have, and I’ve been feeling weirdly “fat.” I’m only a few pounds over my regular weight, but I find myself wanting to reach toward my really, really big clothes again. I want to hide. I don’t feel super comfortable.

I’ve been on a work trip this week, and I’ve had very little control over my food choices. I mean, I always have control but my choices have been very limited. A “free” breakfast that really means a massive carbfest. Lunch consisting of white bread sandwiches with cold cuts brought into the meeting room. And while there is always SOME sort of choice, it’s been limited.

For the first couple days of the trip I think I just fell into an “Oh well” trap. “Oh well, I might as well eat breakfast sausage patties! And maybe a biscuit!” OOPS, there goes 12 points for breakfast. UGH.  Last night, the company took us out to a pretty nice seafood restaurant as a treat. I didn’t eat everything in sight but it wasn’t the greatest thing ever. When I got back to the hotel I was in a panic that I’d eaten myself into some sort of diabetic emergency state – because I had also forgotten to take my medicine in the morning. I felt like I was just going to pass out. But the truth was I was jetlagged and exhausted from this super intense course that went from 8am to 9pm (including dinner). I frantically tested my blood and it was a fairly innocuous 140. (what I would expect after a biggish dinner)

But it was a wake up call. It made me realize that in past months I have not been as, er, mindful, as I was last year. I realized that if I was still foodblogging (taking photos of and blogging about) my dinner, I would have made different choices. I wouldn’t have kept dipping into the bread basket. I would’ve maybe not eaten the entire serving of cheesecake.

So this morning I woke up feeling determined to change things up. I’ve decided to go back to foodblogging. When I was doing it last year, I was really feeling good about my food choices. Even when I chose to have something rich or sweet, I did so being fully conscious.

I decided that I’m going to take a picture of my food as soon as I eat it and upload it right away. And then I’ll go back and add any reflections later. I am not going to fool around with cables and fancy cameras and uploading. I can upload directly to WordPress via my phone, and I don’t have to spend time plugging stuff in.

So that’s my new resolution. Already I feel a difference in my choices today.

I started out with coffee, an apple (still uneaten; it’s in my bag) and two hard boiled eggs. Those eggs (yay protein) kept me totally satisfied until lunchtime. I got a little mini box of Cheerios to save as a snack, and late morning, it was the perfect thing. (instead of reaching into bowl of candy they put right on my table, and which I could not resist yesterday).

Lunch choices today were much better than yesterday: turkey wraps in a spinach tortilla (I had ½ a wrap), salad and fruit salad. Perfect, really. I had some deliberation about the cookie plate. I spent too much time fretting and Tweeting about it and finally decided (thanks @czilka) to take a bite of one and then decide. That really helped. I took one bite of a macadamia white chocolate chip cookie (which I love) and as many had predicted, it didn’t taste very good. So it was easy to let it go.

I noticed SEVERAL times that I felt this itchy urge to get up and wander over to the snack table. But then I’d ask myself, “Are you really hungry? Are you committed enough to take a picture of this thing?” And the answer was always no. I was stressed, anxious, tired, bored and sleepy, in turn, but never hungry. So I didn’t eat anything. Now THAT’s awareness.

After the course was done I got to the airport and had the 2nd half of the turkey wrap. I really don’t like eating food on planes so I pretty much considered that my dinner. I checked in and I realized I wanted something cold and sweet.  FroYo would have been great. But there was NOTHING like that here. I wandered around the airport and finally found this (believe it or not) at McDonald’s. Yeah, McDonald’s.

I ordered a mini Oreo McFlurry and ate two spoonfuls. That was all I wanted. It was perfect. And it was conscious, you know, so I didn’t mind taking a picture or posting it here. I don’t feel guilty or bad about it.

When I got home after two long flights, I was really hungry. I got a cheese stick from the fridge and crashed.

And that’s what conscious eating is about.


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